Quiet House France by Artelabo
Artelabo : Located in a village in the south of France, the project of “quiet villa” meets a very particular context.
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
The land on which it fits, of very small size, is located between a vineyard shed in operation to the West, the parking of a neighbour to the East, surrounded by their access road, a main street to the south. Oriented to the North, it is also subject to a regime of prevailing winds. But it enjoys an exceptional and breathtaking view on the valley.
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
The aim of the project is therefore to create the conditions for an intimacy, an introverted house, hidden from the sight, entirely turned towards the landscape. Its architecture is characterized by a regular, simple and systematic composition, using a banal constructive language and an obvious formal register, which, by disrupting the codes of the usual, gives a singular aesthetic to be seen.
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Using regular measures, the project is based on a grid of 3m in width and 4m in depth. Two units of space correspond to a built volume, the third forms an outer space. The overall geometry of the house is based on a repeated sequence of four volumes, inscribed in a regular pattern, enclosed within a peripheral wall, and organizing four courtyards within the dwelling. Their form, with two slopes of roof, evokes a small house.
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
One the one side, the expression of the project refers directly to the question of domesticity and traditional individual habitat, as well as the constructive means employed, banal and typical of the south of France (masonry, plaster, roof tile) create a contextual, cultural and landscape link between the construction and its site. One the other side, its compositional play and its lack of lateral opening make it a strange architectural object.
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
A large fixed frame opens wide the house on the landscape. Its powerful contrast between its opaque and closed external appearance and the intensity of the light provided by courtyards, gives strength to its interior space. All rooms open on one, two or three courtyards and the panorama, through a single system of aligned glass doors. The same flooring is used throughout the project, which creates confusion between the spaces of the house and those of the courtyards, which are real living rooms and extensions of the interior spaces, allowing to be inside while being outside
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Some signs make its mediterranean lifestyle tangible : a steel grid with reminiscent motifs of « moucharabieh », an entrance opening on a courtyard , a very white coating reflecting light and summer heat … With its great brightness in all seasons, its an animated picture on the landscape in the background, or its changing looks on the sky, the home offers a serene poetic, and intimate living environment. The quiet villa, thus creating its context, its way of life, shows by very simple means, the possible offered by the architecture.
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Quiet House France by Artelabo
Photo Courtesy : Marie-Caroline Lucat


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An Interview With Bethan Gray : Winner of Prestigious Best British Designer Award
Index Design Series Dubai 2017 : Bethan Gray,  winner  of  the prestigious Best  British  Designer  award,  has  an  extraordinary  background.  Her family  hails  from  an ancient  Rajasthani  clan  that  over  centuries  migrated  across  Arabia  and  Persia  before  settling  in  the  Celtic  heartland  of  Wales.  It’s  a journey and heritage that weaves a rich pattern of influences and inspirations, which draw on craft traditions of both East and West.
To this  Bethan  adds  an  innate  ability  to  translate  and  transform  a  variety of  cultural  references  into  iconic  contemporary  pieces. “Cultural referencing is at heart of my design philosophy. Through my travels and research I’m inspired to create original contemporary pieces that resonate with global, as well as local, audiences. I’m particularly drawn to the graphic nature of Islamic art and craft, says Bethan.  Her work has been exhibited in New York, Paris, Milan, London and Dubai, and her own boutique collections are available globally from leading retailers such as Harrods, Liberty, Le Bon Marche and Lane Crawford.
An Interview With Bethan Gray : Winner of Prestigious Best British Designer Award
TID : How excited are you to be making your debut appearance at INDEX?
BG: I’m really thrilled! I love the excitement of trade fairs, and am particularly intrigued by this year’s INDEX. It’s going to be fascinating to see for the first time all that is on offer across the show, as well as experience the fully-immersive features – I’m intrigued! We’ll be having elements from our Shamsian Collection on display both in the VIP Oasis, which was designed by our close partners Harrods Interiors, as well as on our stand in the Luxury Pavilion. I can’t wait to hear the feedback.  It’s going to be a busy show!
TID : You describe your signature style as incorporating “a love of detail, tactile textures, and luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, marble, wood, and hand-tooled leather”. INDEX 2017 is all about design for the senses. Do you consider that kind of sensory stimulation a vital part of design and, if so, why?
BG: Being a designer I am of course a very visual person. In my designs I focus on the use of graphic pattern and colour palette, as I think in combination these can have a powerful effect on one’s mood – we all have a very visceral reaction to colour and pattern. Recently I’ve designed a café. The brief was to evoke an emotion of my choice – and I chose “calm”. We created cosy inviting areas, using pink and jade veneer fretwork, with inlayed brass. The result was also very textural, which added a sense of belonging and warmth.  Finally wave music was added to really promote a sense of balance and harmony. It’s been very effective.
An Interview With Bethan Gray : Winner of Prestigious Best British Designer Award
TID : What is your own personal mantra when it comes to any product you design?
BG: I focus on creating pieces that are warm, contemporary, timeless and elegant. I love to use high-quality natural materials, with a focus on craftsmanship – pushing the boundaries where possible.
TID : As a first time visitor to INDEX, where we have more than 800 furniture and product exhibitors, what kind of items on show do you think will really pique your interest?
BG: I’ve been working closely with master craftsmen from the GCC for many years now, from founding the Ruby Tree with Islamic Arts and Crafts Scholar M Abdul Karim Crites to working with renowned Iranian artist Mohamed Reza Shamsian in Oman. I’m really looking forward to seeing other elements of master craftsmen’s work on show that I may not have come across before.
bethan gray
TID : What are some of your favourite 2017 design trends?
BG: For me, 2017 colours such as pink, jade and teal will continue to be popular, especially in combination with warm metallics. Rich patterns and textures will be combined in a new contemporary decorative style. This is a big move away from the Scandinavian pared-back style we’ve seen dominate over the last few years.
The pieces you create have “a rich pattern of influences and inspirations, which draw on craft traditions of both East and West”, with you citing your own Arabian heritage as being a key influence on your work. What similarities do you find between the two design styles, despite their obvious differences? What is your secret to combining the two in a way that seems so natural and organic?
BG: In my work, I focus on the similarities between the craft traditions of the East and West. In fact, the East has been very instrumental in inspiring and informing design styles that are now common place in the West – such as monochrome. It’s my own and my ancestor’s journeys that influence and inspire me to look for these similarities.
At the heart of my design process is cultural referencing – through my travels and research I’m inspired to create original contemporary pieces that resonate with global, as well as local, audiences.
An Interview With Bethan Gray : Winner of Prestigious Best British Designer Award
TID : Where, for you, does the balance lie between style and functionality in both design and interiors?
BG: For me, design itself is about finding the right balance. I like to create an atmosphere that is inclusive and comfortable, featuring symmetry, making it easy on the eye and helping balance the senses.  It’s important to me though that this balance is carried through in terms of usage and practicality of the interiors, and with pragmatism and functionality important in the design of the pieces.
TID : What can you tell us about your latest range?
BG: My latest range is the Shamsian Collection, created in collaboration with Mohamed Reza Shamsian, a highly sought after, masterful Iranian artist, and his team of 70 highly skilled craftsmen based in Muscat, Oman. The collection is inspired by regional architecture, and features intricate marquetry, a traditional Islamic craft dating back to the sixteenth century, on Italian stained birds-eye maple, in stunning combination with solid brass or iridescent mother of pearl. Detailing on the beautiful Nizwa cabinet takes inspiration from the rounded architectural castellation patterning of the Nizwa Fort in Oman whereas detailing on the Dhow takes inspiration from the sails of the regional sailing boats.


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Ameller, Dubois & Associés  : The early childhood school complex designed by Philippe Ameller and Jacques Dubois in the suburban town of Serris, east of Paris, does not seem to be particularly alien or extravagant. But the urban context makes the new building a real UFO, as the Pierre-Perret school is located near Disneyland Paris.
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO
Since its inauguration in 1992, the notorious amusement park has been a true engine of economic development. But it also provides its peculiar aesthetic direction, somewhere between The Truman Show and an impersonation of Parisian late XIXth century style. In this artificial area, the architects challenged the local mainstream tastes with their new school.
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO
“We did think of this school project as an opportunity – and almost a duty – to place there a hint, a clue about what a pleasant life may be away from the Disneyland influences. A humble piece of genuine architecture of the early XXIst century seemed to be what the inhabitants of Serris needed most, for their youngest children to grow aware of their time.”
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO
Fortunately, a recent awards jury shared this point of view, and liked the wooden touch of the design (totally alien to Serris until then). “No one felt insulted”, says Jacques Dubois, “as we certainly did not make fun of the existing town. We just felt it deserved to switch to something a little more genuine, step by step. This is the first step, and the population seems to appreciate it.”
Pierre-Perret School's Exterior in France is Designed Like an UFO


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Hanse Yachts

Welcome to the 21st Century: 3D printing revolutionizes yacht building at HanseYachts AG.

After the automotive and architecture industry has discovered the 3D printing, HanseYachts AG are now ready to start the test phase for their first 3D hull printer.

Hanse 3D15

Hanse 3D15 Production Photos

In cooperation with the VBS-print GmbH engineers of HanseYachts AG have worked for months in order to realise the first 3D print of a 10 meter hull. After the construction of the 20 meter long printer they now start the printing of the first prototype, a revolutionary Hanse 3D15.

Hanse Yachts

Hanse Yachts Production Line

Hanse 3D Printer Production

The chief engineer of the department for future development, Karl Dehler, is clearly looking forward to the next days: “The three-year planning and development phase is now completed. Today on the 1st of April the printer will start to construct our first masterpiece. The particularity of the printing process at HanseYachts is the use of wood-filament, which is composed of 60% recycled wood and a polymeric binder. The new Hanse 3D15 will thus be a wooden yacht! With the new hull print production we want to manufacture not only more powerful hulls but also reduce the production times significantly in order to satisfy the high demand of our customers. As a result of the 3D print, the Hanse individualization concept can be implemented in every possible way.”

Hanse 675 Yachts

Hanse 675 Yachts

Hanse 675 Yachts Interiors

Hanse Yachts

Dr. Jens Gerhardt, CEO of HanseYachts AG is proud of his colleagues: “We see here the beginning of a new era in yacht manufacturing! When partners within our industry tell me that 3D printing will never be successful, I often like to remind them of the introduction of GRP in the 60s, which was highly controversial at the time as a building material for boats. Already in that time Dehler has experimented with modern materials and against all expectations quickly established itself as the first German large-scale manufacturer of fiberglass yachts. Still today we see the power of innovation as a core competitive advantage of our yard and we are proud to set a new milestone in the international boat industry.”

Photo Courtesy : HanseYachts



Vicem Yachts  : Vicem Yachts has announced that the new Custom 65’ Flybridge has successfully been launched today.

If there is one word that describes the all-new 65 footer offering, it is spacious. With a beam of 18′,5” there is sufficient interior volume to choose between spacious two and three cabin designs, to offer luxurious galley-up or galley-down choices, or to add a convertible office or a dinette below.

Ever since the foundation in 1991, Vicem Yachts has always been focused on three core values: total customization, impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. This has been reciprocated in this newest Flybridge. A “modern classic” – the all new Vicem 65 Classic FB – is handcrafted from the finest materials available and considered to be the best in its class and size range.

This yacht – designed by Vicem’s in-house design team – has a handsome classic look and provides a quiet, smooth ride because of Vicem’s superior design and construction technique. Vicem 65 Classic FB unveil during the Palm Beach International Boat Show has a galley-up and the below deck offers 3 cabins plus an additional berth accessible from VIP cabin for an overall of 8 guests. This unique 2 in 1 cabin showcases the customizability Vicem offers. Powered by 2X Volvo Penta D13-900 (2 x 900 HP – 662kW @2,300rpm) the 65 Flybridge it’s easy to drive thanks to the Volvo Penta control system and conventional shaft drive. At 10 knots a long range of over 1,000 NM is featured, while at 22 knots of cruising speed it goes to 350 NM. Performance goes up to 27 knots at maximum speed.

All Vicem Yachts are constructed of African and South American Mahogany and Epoxy resin. Mahogany is a renewable resource, reducing our carbon footprint. Also noteworthy, is the fact that Vicem Yachts are constructed in clean factories without the smell of styrene emissions found in polyester fiberglass factories. Every employee at Vicem is a qualified carpenter, designer or engineer who goes that extra mile to ensure the highest quality in their workmanship. All wood on a Vicem hull and the keel, chine, sheer, frames, and beams are coated with epoxy resin serving as a moisture barrier.

Vicem Yachts Flybridge 65

The exterior of the hull and interior of the entire bilge and engine room area is further coated with a layer of E-glass cloth and epoxy resin that is finished with epoxy fairing compounds, epoxy primers, and poly-urethane paint. Over 151 Vicem Yachts up to 107 feet have been built using this time-proven blend of modern and traditional construction methods. The building technique used to create the 65 Flybridge is the same used for all Vicem Classic & Cruiser lines (Classic and Fly Bridge models, from 52’ to 80’) and the Cruiser models (from 68’ to 107’): the cold molded process.

A millenary, unique construction technique which embodies all the construction methods of the Turkish historical marine tradition; a modern procedure different from traditional boat building. Based on engineered wood construction, cold-molding uses laminated mahogany (coming from managed forests) and a specific formulated epoxy resin to create the hull, decks and principal superstructures. This results in a stronger and quieter vessel with a smoother ride, providing natural insulation from humidity and noise.

Here is why Vicem 65 Flybridge is making noise in the Yachts circuit…

Hull Designer: Yusuf Altundasar

Interiors: Vicem in-house design team

Exterior: Vicem Design Team

Vicem Flybridge 65 Yachts

The Design “Wow Factors” include:

– The hight of the saloon and the cabins area is giving more space for the tall owner

– Instead of a crew room, a child room has been built as requested by the owner. Vicem designers team has created a very smart connection to the double bed cabin in order to have a junior family suit. Additionally the stairs have been used as an exit for the child room. This feature is particularly interesting if the child room is used as a crew space, for resale purposes extras. Just in case, the next eventual owner of this boat would like to have a crew on board, they can use this stairs for the captain private access with no direct contact with people living on the port side cabin.

Standard guest cabin has two twin bed that can turn into a king size with an extra piece to put in the middle. This room also has a bunk bed with stainless steel stairs.

– Owner asked for a business working area at the galley space. Hand made stool and an integrated table have been built in-house by Vicem.

– Custom hand made ottoman and chairs inside the saloon area.

– Galley and all restrooms have marble floors and countertops.

– Custom stainless steel flybridge stairs has been conceived to offer maximum outside view from the saloon.

– Behind the helm seat the yacht has two 120cm long special drawers for extra storage. – Evenly distribution of the air-condition canals.

– All high gloss varnished.

Vicem Flybridge 65 Yachts Photo

Here is what the new proud American Owners of this Yacht had to say:

Q. Why did you choose Vicem Yachts?

A. The quality of the workmanship is second to none. And the value is clear. We also liked the fact that it feels very much like a family business with special attention paid to each customer.


Q. What were your expectations while building?

A. This is the second boat we have had built (the other with another company) so we were very eager that expectations were clear from the beginning and that they were met. This was the case every step of the way. And when we wanted to make changes to the interior design the folks at Vicem were accommodating at every turn and offered great suggestions after understanding our needs.


Q. Did those expectations get met?

A. Each and every time. When we needed another outlet, the answer was always just tell us where, when we needed more storage, the question was how much and for what. We could not have been more pleased with the whole process and they kept us informed each week with pictures and e-mails about the progress.

Vicem Flybridge 65 Yachts

Q. What are the “wow” factors of your 65 Fly?

A.She really is a head turner. The fit and finish is very special. The master cabin and head are exceptional. The “bonus” room is very cool under the stairs. And the galley up works really well for us. The cockpit is huge as is the fly bridge. We can’t wait to spend many happy hours on her in the future.


Q. How did you like visiting the factory?

A. It was a super experience. We didn’t know what to expect and were so impressed with the craftsmen and that each and every part of the yacht was handmade by these skilled individuals. When they saw (Patrick’s) owner height they just made each door a bit higher! And their hospitality was welcoming and generous.

Vicem Flybridge 65 Yachts Photo






Benetti Launches 45M Domani Yacht

BENETTI YACHTS : The luxury Yacht company Banetti has announced the launch of the 45M FB701. After the very successful launch of the fifth (BY005) Benetti Crystal 140 M/Y MR D – to date built in seven units – and part of Class full displacement range of Benetti at 2016 Yachts Miami Beach Show; Benetti is back with a stunning new Yacht.

Benetti Launches 45M Domani Yacht

For the Greeks, ‘Crystal’ meant ice. Later it became the name for a solid mineral form synonymous with light and transparency. Light, transparency, and enhancement of spaces characterise the essence of the Crystal 140’, the new boat launched at Miami in the Benetti Class range, born from the hands of Stefano Righini for the exterior layout and Ezequiel Farca for the interiors and decoration design. Benetti, yesterday announced the launch of a new custom build 45 meter displacement yacht hull number FB701, named M/Y Domani. FB701 M/Y Domani, build at the Viareggio Benetti shipyard, will be delivered in June 2016 to a long standing client, as his fourth Benetti yacht.

Benetti Launches 45M Domani Yacht

The proud owner is an expert sailor who loves cruising with his family around the world. His experience along with Benetti’s professionalism allowed to build an exceptional superyacht suitable for an intensive use. The collaboration with the owner and Benetti’s enthusiastic team started from the first sketches of the project until the launch. The magnificent yacht was launched in the Benetti’s historical site – Livorno, active for over 143 years – with a slide method “sleep-way”.

Benetti Launches 45M Domani Yacht

The external design of this four decked steel and aluminum yacht, is the beautiful result of Benetti in-house design team – also appointed along with Carlo Galeazzi to design the interior layout with considerable input from the Owner and his design team. The efficient use of space is one of the peculiarities of this below 500 GT full displacement yacht. This unit construction is based on the technical platform FB700 so to allow reduced delivery time. Special features of FB701 M/Y Domani is her design that provides a sensation of luminosity and space with particular areas including the Owner’s cabin balcony. The sky lounge on the upper deck overlooks the outdoor area through a huge glass door at full height and full width (about 8 meters) creating a unique indoor-outdoor effect. The dining area becomes a pleasant “al-fresco” place. Preciousness of materials – expertly processed by Benetti craftsmen – characterize the interiors of FB701 M/Y Domani. The unveiling of the final Hull will be by summer this year.



Bavaria Cruiser 46

Boot Düsseldorf 2016 : The best and finest in Europe’s boat industry are awarded the ‘Oscars of Water Sports’ every year: this is the thirteenth time the international European Yacht of the Year awards are presented. The European Yacht of the Year is the most thorough competition there is for production boats, the only one that comprises different magazines, from 11 different European nations, testing 25 yachts in five different categories, over two weeks in two different seas. The five categories comprise Family Cruisers, Performance Cruisers, Luxury Cruisers, Special Yachts and Multihulls. The award will be presented at a special evening event held for marine professionals at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in January of 2016.

Hanse 315 Italia 9.98


Maxi 1200 Slyder 47

Bavaria Cruiser 46_0 JPK 10.80


Wauquiez Centurion 57 Advanced A 44


Boreal 52The winners will be announced at the FLAGSHIP NIGHT of boot Düsseldorf 2016, Saturday 23 January! click here to read full article….