Hangzhou International Expo Center by BIAD in China
    BIAD Hangzhou International Expo Center is situated on the banks of the Qiantang River in China. Its form is grand and exquisite, and rich in the implication “of Jiangnan”.
    The Hangzhou International Expo Center covers 19.7 hectares, and has a gross floor area of 850,000 sq m. The main architecture is composed of a five above grade superstructure and a two below grade substructure. Its programs include conferencing, exhibition, dining, travelling, hotel, commercial, and office spaces, which makes it a truly diverse urban complex.
    Hangzhou International Expo Center by BIAD in China
    The Hangzhou International Expo Center is the biggest, most influential, most complex and most culturally appealing among the many excellent conference and exhibition architectures designed by BIAD. It is the latest product over decades of research, learning, and sedimentation in BIAD Conference and exhibition architecture design.
    Hangzhou International Expo Center by BIAD in China
    Conference Area: As the main conference area, news centre, and security center for the G20 Summit, the conference area is responsible for the reception of leading figures and visitors from many countries. The Urban Embassy Lounge (Leader’s Luncheon Room), 60m in diameter, including embassy lounge, six facilitating conference rooms, and two VIP lounges, is able to fulfill the highest level of reception. With 2,500 sq m in area and 36m of maximum ceiling height, the embassy lounge forms a top reception site with the meeting area, and can host both Chinese and western feast for 600 people.
    Hangzhou International Expo Center by BIAD in China
    Exhibition Area: The exhibition area covers 900,000 sq m including 10 exhibition halls and can accommodate exhibitions of different scales and categories. The special 10,000 column-less hall allows multiple purpose use including special exhibition, large gathering, sports and recreation, and can accommodate 4,500 international standard booths.
    Offices and Hotels: Provides service for both the conference centre and the city.
    Service Area: Consist of logistics for major zones, accompanying commercial areas, storage and underground parking.
    Transportation System: Combines layers of public city transit system, private car, freight transportation system, and many forms of internal transportation systems.
    Form: Grand and exquisite, rich in the implication “of Jiangnan”
    Photo Courtesy : BIAD China


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