What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
Home Decor : Bathrooms can be a value-adding feature in homes of all designs. If you’ve been contemplating a bathroom renovation, there’s some important considerations to take into account. Bathrooms may constitute the smaller rooms in the house, but renovating these rooms is a large project. From plumbers to electricians to tiling experts, you’ll likely need to hire a host of professionals, and your rebuild may see a great deal of demolition and rebuilding.
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
Define Your Budget
If you want to recoup your costs through home value, be sure to spend no more than 10 percent of your total home value on your master bathroom renovation. Keep in mind that spending this much is only a viable course of action in cases of bathrooms that are significantly out of style or dated. Revamping a modern bathroom will never provide investment benefits, so be sure your master bath truly needs an overhaul, especially if resale value is your ultimate concern. Renovations can quickly add up, and many homeowners find themselves searching out home improvement BENJI financing options to help handle costs. This can come with its share of benefits, as financing programs like Renovate America offer a network of professional contractors to choose from, which is crucial for success as you’ll read in the next section.
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
Hire a Professional
If you don’t have experience with remodels, it’s important to hire the help of a professional. Even the most experienced of remodelers run into extensive issues when it comes to revamping a bathroom. Whether you’re planning to redo the electrical wiring or need an expert to lay tile in your new shower, it’s important to find trusted contractors. There are certain tasks you should never attempt on your own. When it comes to waterproofing, a key element in any bathroom, you should always defer to the expertise of a professional. Should waterproofing be done incorrectly, leaks can wreak havoc and cost thousands to repair down the road. Take your time shopping around and get quotes from numerous professionals to ensure you’re finding the most qualified, most budget-friendly experts available in your area. Even if you’re hiring a professional just for a consultation and plan to do the bulk of the reworks yourself, it’s important to invest the time into planning correctly.
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
The Age Old Question: Shower or Tub ?
Before you get started with your renovation, you’ll need to decide between a shower and a tub, or a combination of the two. Consider your family’s needs, and how you use the bathroom. If it’s a place to quickly shower off after a long day and made for the functional necessities, you may be happy with just a shower. If you’d like to use your master bathroom as a space for relaxation and luxurious baths, you’ll want to invest in a modern bathtub. When it comes to house value, consider your neighborhood and what type of family would be looking to purchase in your area. If your neighborhood is filled with families with young children, you may want to consider what similar buyers would appreciate the most for their family’s needs—in most cases, a tub will take the cake.
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
Try to Leave the Layout Alone
If you can, retain the same layout for your bathroom and avoid moving any pipework. This will prevent expensive reworks in terms of plumbing. Relocating plumbing fixtures can add a significant amount of workaround time for a bathroom renovation, and bring with it a host of extra costs and concerns. Refitted pipes must be checked to ensure they don’t mar the floor’s foundation, vents must be altered or moved completely, and bathroom walls may need to be knocked down to appropriately position new venting systems. If you can help it, leaving the layout alone is in your best interest.
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
Don’t Forget Storage
Many homeowners are frustrated with the lack of storage available in their bathrooms. It’s important to offer plenty of container space to help keep clutter down. If you have a large household and numerous people use your bathroom, storage solution should take priority when drawing up designs for your renovation. Whether you’re working with a small or large bathroom, there are plenty of creative ways to add storage to the space.
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom
A correctly renovated bathroom can provide a certain wow factor and add important functionality and comfort to your home while improving resale value. Before getting started on your bathroom renovation, be sure to keep these facets in mind and make a solid investment in the enjoyment of your home.

What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom

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