5 outdoor design trends to keep an eye on in 2017
Outdoor Design : Having a little green space that you can call your own is a dream for many homeowners. But once you’ve found the ideal property for such a thing, you’re still left with the responsibility of decorating it in a friendly and inviting manner. What’s more, the need for environmental consciousness is greater than ever, which means that you’ll have to design your outdoor area with one eye on sustainability and the other on functionality. To that end, here is a list of the outdoor design trends that have so far dominated 2017:
Smart lighting
Increasingly, more and more people want to enjoy their outdoor areas even after the sun goes down. Luckily, there are a myriad ways to accomplish this. LED lights are a popular choice, since they’re easy to install and only consume moderate amounts of electricity. But if you want a more refined look, you can employ the services of a lighting specialist, who’ll know exactly how to use light in order to accentuate your outdoor area’s best features. Some even go for intelligent lighting systems that can create multiple environments, each with their own specific style and atmosphere. As always, be sure to opt for environmentally-conscious lighting options that will also result in lower electricity bills.
5 outdoor design trends to keep an eye on in 2017
Freshwater features
Everyone likes to have a bit of water in their garden. Whether it comes in the form of a small pond or a little stream, having some kind of water feature can make everything seem that much more inviting. Additionally, water helps foster growth and attracts insects and other small creatures that can infuse any garden with life. However, in this day and age, water is also a prized commodity, which means that you should refrain from using it inconsiderately. From recycling to rainwater harvesting and reuse, there are a variety of things anyone can do in order to consume water in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner.
Edible landscapes
Based around the principles of urban farming, edible landscapes are a growing trend among people who wish to combine their love of gardening with their preference for fresh produce. The idea is to use your green space to plant fruits and vegetables that can grow in that particular soil. Of course, climate conditions should also be taken into account, as should the time needed to help these plants reach their mature stages. If you’ve got what it takes, however, the joy of being able to taste the results of your own work will be incredible. And if you lack sufficient space on the ground, you can always supplement by adding some cleverly positioned containers and hanging baskets.
5 outdoor design trends to keep an eye on in 2017
Garden retreats
For more and more people, the garden has become a place of refuge, where one goes to escape the myriad challenges that govern modern life. Whether you want to practice yoga or meditation, or if you simply enjoy being in the midst of nature, be sure to create an atmosphere of quiet serenity by removing any extraneous pieces of furniture and decorating everything in soothing hues such as white, green and light blue. What’s more, you can also place calming flowers nearby, whose gentle aroma can lift you into the heavens whenever you come into contact with them.
Cooking amenities
The joy of being outside is compounded by man’s desire to fulfill his basic needs while in nature. That explains why so many people enjoy cooking and eating in the great outdoors. This trend isn’t expected to change anytime soon. What will change, however, are the kinds of things that people will install in their backyards and gardens. Instead of your average BBQ grill, most consumers nowadays are showing a preference for dedicated outdoor food preparations areas, including ceramic grills and pizza ovens, which generally create less smoke and are easier on the environment as well.
That just about wraps up our quick rundown of the top outdoor design trends that have so far made their mark in 2017. Of course, trends tend to evolve and replace one another in due time, but the need for sustainable beauty in all aspects of life will always remain constant in our contemporary society. So, as long as you succeed in striking that fine balance, your outdoor area will continue to be a source of pride and enjoy for you and your family.
Photo Courtesy : The Interior Directory


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