5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016

Design Miami 2016 : A design companion to the venerable Art Basel, Design Miami/ Basel – now in its 11th edition – remains a much more relaxed, friendly affair than the blockbuster fair next door.

With 46 carefully selected galleries, a number of boutique “Design Curios,” and a selection of large-scale installations on the ground floor of Hall 1 Süd, curated by Martina Mondadori, the fair is designed to emphasize interactive exhibits and peppered with places that provide a moment of rest. It is still possible to cover the entire event in one day, even to have fun while doing so.It has been hard to escape the feeling that we have seen many of the exhibited works before. It must be the third time that Mathias Bengtsson’s (otherwise rather impressive) Growth Table is being exhibited, and much of the names repeat across the booth, with mid-century French dominating the fair.

A breath of fresh air at the fair are the kooky Belgian galleries Victor Hunt and Maniera – established only three years ago, this is Maniera’s first appearance in Basel – that commission contemporary furniture and design pieces from artists and architects. After wading through so much restrained, elegant Modernism, it is surprisingly refreshing to see exhibited pieces from more flamboyant eras and schools, such as the anthroposophical design at Franck Laigneau, connected to the German Jugendstil and Rudolph Steiner (yes, the famous pedagogue), as well as the Art Deco at Galerie Jacques Lacoste,

5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016


which attracted large crowds. Zaha Hadid Gallery is exhibiting a number of exceptional pieces that Hadid designed before her untimely death, including large and small tables, and ceramics.

Among the Galleries we have selected these as particularly impressive this year:-

5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016

Friedman Benda, exhibiting the full Microstructures collection by 3D-printing pioneer, Dutch designer Joris Laarman;

5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016

Gallery FUMI from London, particularly for Lukas Wegwerth’s Crystallization collection, that “repairs” broken vases with growing salt crystals;

5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016

Pascal Cuisinier, specialized in French mid-century furniture made between 1955-1960, with a show-stopping wallpaper;

5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016

Nilufar Gallery, with an exquisite collection of Brazilian Modernism;

5 Best Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2016

Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which has brought together some of the most interesting contemporary pieces that have appeared in recent years, including an example of Vincent Dubourg’s immensely impressive Bhanga cabinet series.

Photo Courtesy : Design Miami 2016 

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