ALD HOUSE by Design: Space

Design: Space, Juan Carlos Baumgartner: With the thoughts that the design is a true image of the values and beliefs of the organization. It is a container that fosters communication, teamwork, and it is especially a place that reflects the passion and love for architectural endeavor. Design: Space, Juan Carlos Baumgartner designed this beautiful house.

ALD HOUSE by Design: Space


For this project, it was decided to integrate art into architecture so that the selected works became a part of the design instead of functioning as mere decorative items. With this principle in mind, it commissioned a hyper-realistic 2 x 6 m painting of aPorsche 78; which was placed in a double-height space. In addition to the painting, Juan Carlos Baumgartner designed a mural that works both as the visual end of theswimming pool and as the vestibule of the house entrance.

ALD HOUSE by Design: Space


The first prism consists of a black metal structure that ends on an exposed concrete staple. The two fronts of this volume are made of glass, which helps create a transparency to the interior area and gives a feeling of permanently being in touch with nature. The second volume is a cantilevered wooden cube, under which a terrace is generated. Requirements for the design of this project included a swimming pool, and we fulfilled them by creating one and covering it with black venetian glass tiles. In this way, the swimming pool was turned into a water mirror that reflects the house.

ALD HOUSE by Design: Space


Some materials used in the project have low or zero VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds), in addition to the fact that many of them are recycled and quickly renewable as well. The sealers, paints and adhesives are water-based and VOC free, what ensures the interior air quality. Carpets used are CRI Green Label Plus certified, a certification granted to products that exceed standards of low VOC emissions, both in adhesives and in carpet below and carpet. Each employee has natural light and outside views.

ALD HOUSE by Design: Space

Photo Courtesy : LUIS GORDOA


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