Mountain House by David Guerra

David Guerra Architects : It was challenging for Architect David Guerra to find a harmonious solution for the mixture of natural, rustic and contemporary elements and their materials which were necessary to satisfy the different tastes of the occupants (mother and two sons). Another challenge was the reconcilement of the steel structure which was used in the living room, the veranda and the bedrooms with its reclaimed wood coating and with the conventional structural system of the rest of the project. But as we can see today, Mountain House is an example of fine architecture and thoughts.

Mountain House by David Guerra


The idea was to create a house linked to nature which works as a big deck of contemplation and sociability using natural material to make an atmosphere of snugness in a contemporary proposal. There was no intention to follow a fad by the choice of the furniture. Rather each article of furniture was selected carefully to reflect the personal history of the occupants with their multiplicity, their references and values.

Mountain House by David Guerra


The project was tought as a weekend refugee for a family, on a site located inside a valley with many mountains nearby, composing a beautiful natural space. To attend necessities, the entire project was distributed on the same level, making it perfect for appreciation of the many viewssurrounding the house.

Mountain House by David Guerra


For this residence, the architect found that the footprint created was a major issue that should be minimized. All itens on the program were tought to preserve the existing natural landscape and to provide astonishing views fo the occupants and visitors. Mountain House Residential by David Guerra is Winner of A Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015 – 2016.

Mountain House by David Guerra

Photo Courtesy : Jomar Bragança


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