Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Sony

NYCxDESIGN : SONY : The thoughts of an interior designer are so much curbed when technology changes and the home created by him falls old on his feet. New wires, painting job together with space constraints hold us back from improvising our homes as per technology.

Whether you are attending NYCxDesign later this week or not, we bring you one highlight in technological advancement that will steal the show. In its endeavor to improve the quality of life for us, city dwellers, Japanese giant Sony has prepared to launch three of its lifestyle concepts. New line of products as part of the Life Space UX concept, includes the LED Bulb Speaker, the new Glass Sound Speaker and the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector. Life Space UX is a revolutionary home experience concept aiming to enrich physical spaces by removing barriers between technology and interior design. Sony is committed to developing a variety of products for Life Space UX, which provides transformative sensorial impact, with light, sound and visual applied in unexpected ways. The three new products will be available at MoMA Design Stores in New York City.

Sony LED Bulb Speaker

The LED Bulb Speaker blends light and sound, preserving environmental atmosphere. Thanks to its size of an ordinary light bulb, it can plug in to any standard light socket and blends seamlessly into any space.

Sony LED Bulb Speaker

Connecting to smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth, and remote-operated, the LED Bulb Speaker allows users to access their music libraries and adjust sound and light settings from anywhere in the room. Boasting a handy sleep timer setting, this light and speaker combination is equipped to support and enhance your lifestyle.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

The sleek Glass Sound Speaker offers 360 degrees of non-directional, crystal clear sound reverberated through an elegant organic glass cylinder. An LED filament housed within the cylinder combines ambient illumination with music. The vibration of the organic glass closely mirrors that of human vocal chords, which creates a uniquely lifelike sound experience.
Sony Glass Sound Speaker
The Glass Sound Speaker’s unique sound structure includes features such as Advanced Vertical Drive Technology for generating high pass sound by tapping the organic glass tube to create vibration, a translucence passive radiator for low pass sound and a 50mm woofer for mid-range sound. Maximum audio output for the Glass Sounder Speaker is 13W (woofer). Lightweight (920g with battery) and battery-operated, the speaker enables 4 hours of battery operation.
Sony Glass Sound Speaker
Easily portable, this unique offering allows the user to move the source of music and light as they move from place to place. Like the LED Bulb Speaker, the Glass Sound Speaker connects both iPhone and Android along with other devices via Bluetooth. Other high quality Sony sound technologies found in the speaker include: S-Master, DSEE, ClearAudio+ and LDAC™ technology.
The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector is an innovative development delivering a new viewing experience at home. This is a must for every modern home. Easily rotating to project images or videos, the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector can turn flat surface into a monitor, a movie wall, a virtual windowpane, or a work of art via laser light source and newly developed SXRD panel.
Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Sony
Positioned flat against the wall or table, the projector produces a crisp 22” image. Pulled back, the image expands up to 80” in width. Incredibly compact weighing approximately 930g with dimensions of 81mm (Width) x 131mm (Height) x 131mm (Depth) yet equipped with internal speakers and battery (up to 2 hours), the projector can be easily repositioned as users move throughout their home. Trust me, its a small cube that your little kid can also handle. The projector is compatible with smartphones to become a wireless controller for photos and video. The projector comes with Wireless unit, which can transmit contents from various devices such as PC, Blu-ray player, or cable boxes via HDMI.
Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Sony
“Sony always has and will always be about cutting-edge technology and innovation and we are thrilled to partner with the MoMA Store to bring these unique products to the US consumer”, said Mike Fasulo, President and COO of Sony Electronics.
These absolutely fantastic space saving yet incredibly smart systems by Sony are set to revolutionise the way we treat our gadgets duringhome designing. They add to the aesthetics of any space and are very easy to operate. Must plan to visit the launch of these new design-driven concepts during the NYCxDesign 2016 on May 16th evening, 6:00pm onwards at MoMA’s Soho Store for the first look…

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