Plan Your Own 24 Hours Room ( For Yourself Only )

Home Decor : Do you have space constraints at home? Like one room for the whole family tight? Do Not worry, read through this article and I am sure you would feel “Help is at hand”. Now we are putting together some floral prints and bright textiles from IKEA roomset designs and making a room that combines relaxing, working, dining and sleeping for a small family in a super tight space. We call it the “24 hour room”. How does it work? Well it’s no secret, come take a look.

Plan Your Own 24 Hours Room

MAKE A BED & BREAKFAST SPACE in small space living by thinking in two’s. Simply putting it, if you can do two activities in one space, go for it. This sunny breakfast table for instance easily doubles as a workspace. Add some storage with your work things nearby and you’re all set to go.

Plan Your Own 24 Hours Room

ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to work with small space is to think in zones. The way zones work is pretty straightforward, just think what activities you want to do in the room and then group everything you need to for that activity in the same space. Here we’ve put together a work and play spot while using wall storage to use all the available wallspace for clothes.

Plan Your Own 24 Hours Room

SHARING ONE ROOM with your little one doesn’t have to mean shared bedtimes. Here we’ve made a cosy sleeping space with a curtain to block out some of the light and sound from the sofa space in the middle. And when bedtime does roll out for you, the sofa does too, by converting into a large bed.

Photo Courtesy : IKEA




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