Bathroom Design Ideas

HD Expo , Las Vegas 2016 : The Spring Season Collections for the bathrooms & its accessories is gearing up for their launch at the world renowned HD Expo 2016, Las Vegas next week. Luxury designers around the globe have worked towards making your bathroom renovation project this spring, a delight. The lavishness of these designs are captivating. I bring you the most sought after designs & the thrill from Las Vegas as the companies and designers plan their launches. The simplicity yet the richness of Designer Alape & Lissé bathroom accessories will be worth a visit.

Alape was founded in 1896 by Adolf Lamprecht in Penig, Saxony, Germany, as an enamel products business. Today, the German company, specializes in basins for the private villas and has become a favourite of high-end designers and architects around the world. As a manufacturer, Alape stands for technically functional quality standards and inspiring design. By combining glazed steel with a variety of high-quality materials, Alape creates individual designs for an environment with an architectural aesthetic.

Alape Bathroom Designs

Alape, is introducing a unique 2step this spring during HD Expo next week. A distinctive basin range designed by Sieger Design, a long time Alape collaborator, the name 2step refers to the basin’s geometrical form and functionality. Precisely defined contours and angles underscore the minimalist design in this new series.
Two main features that distinguish the steel sink from any other model that you are using in your home are :
The narrow basin edge is 3mm thick and the unique design of the raised tap area.
Very creatively, Sieger Design has designed the basin’s depth, split into two different levels, with the main bowl separated from the tap area. This can be used as a functional shelf for accessories that get wet during use, while the surrounding counter top and furniture remain dry.
New Bathroom Designs
“Combining functionality and aesthetics with an environmental understanding is one of the many thoughts in our mind when we are creating new product concepts,” stated Michael Sieger, CEO and designer Sieger Design. “The focus is on the usage, which is defining new demands for the bathroom.  Regarding 2Step, functionality took prime importance right from the start.”
The appeal of 2step lies in the precision of its angles, straight lines and contours. The thinness of the steel allows for a precise edge, which looks as though it could have been drawn with a ruler. This dimensional and positional stability is the hallmark of Alape and a key factor in its perfectly precise installation into counter tops or bathroom furniture.
2step is available in two installation versions: a built-in basin with a standard basin edge which protrudes 25mm from the counter top, or a flush-mounted installation, where the upper edge of the basin and the counter top material sit side by side to create a harmonious finish, while the seal is near invisible.
Depending on the structural setting or personal taste, the tap area can sit to the right, left, or parallel to the wall. The asymmetrical design is available in widths of 525mm and 700mm, while the symmetrical positioning is reserved for widths of 500mm and 600mm.
Bathroom Design Ideas
International award winning, Dornbracht that completes 60 years of brand, is also coming up with its new Spring Collection that sports innovative designing. The new series of streamlined, minimalist bathroom fittings designed by Sieger Design, showcases the expert craftsmanship, exceptional quality and superb functionality.
New Designer Bathroom Designs
Lissé is distinguished by its progressive and ergonomic lever design. French for “smooth,” Lissé features a dramatically tilted lever, providing not only a unique design element but an effortless, pleasant movement. Made up of contrasting elements, Lissé combines simple,geometric shapes with precise angles, generous proportions and curved contours.
The lever of the fitting tilts dramatically upward and tapers, playfully complementing its cylindrical body and flat spout. The acute accent (´) on the é invokes the characteristic upward tilt of the lever design.
Lisse Bathroom Design Collection
Lissé launches at HD Expo (May 4-6, 2016) and will be available for your home starting September 2016.

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