Toys Which Looks Into Your Eyes - EYE TOY by HCWD Studio singapore
IFFS 2016 : During the recently concluded IFFS 2016, The Interior Directory came across an amazing toy set, lovingly named as “Eye Toy” by its creators. The most prominent part of this toy is its “Eyes”; Which stares at you from any angle you look at them. People at the IFFS 2016not only enjoyed looking at them but even clicked so many photographs with them. We caught up with one of the creators of “Eye Toys“.
Toys Which Looks Into Your Eyes - EYE TOY by HCWD Studio singapore
TID : Lets start with the person behind this amazing designer ?
HCWD StudioHCWD Studio is based in New York and was funded and ran by HsinChun Wang in industrial design background from Taiwan and Ye Liu in architectural design background from mainland China. We always work across industries, countries, and cultures which inspire our works constantly.
Toys Which Looks Into Your Eyes - EYE TOY by HCWD Studio singapore
TID :  How did you decide to be a product designer ? Who were the people/ places/ incidents that influenced your decision?
HCWD Studio : I like tools and physics, a big fan of contemporary art, and also an illustrator. I guess product design happen to be exactly the intersection of these categories. My wife Ye Liu is definitely the biggest influence of my decision. She is more a perceptual designer and I’m more a rational designer which make us a good combination.
Toys Which Looks Into Your Eyes - EYE TOY by HCWD Studio singapore
TID : What kind of products have you been working on lately ?
HCWD Studio : Light fixtures, benches, and furnishing accessories such as mirror and coat racks.
TID : We can see lot of contemporary leaning on your products. What inspires you?
HCWD Studio : We both are actually big fans of Contemporary Art, which to me, is very much about finding the grand ideas and the executions only with no functions. Me and my wife we also do art projects and the process of thinking in Contemporary Art are like raw materials for building designs.
Toys Which Looks Into Your Eyes
TID : How do you weave in day to day life  into your products?
HCWD StudioWe record our daily lives in photos and drawings like many people too, but I think the key is the courage to try and experience every new things constantly sometimes even strange things like eating weird food. That creates strong feelings which memorized by our brain and body.  We extract those special moments and design the behaviors of how people use and interact with the product first then the forms and shapes.
During the show HCWD Studio was also honored as Best Designers/Best Design Studio Award 2016 by IFFS 2016. We congratulate Hsin-Chun Wang & Ye Liu for this remarkable achievement.

Photo Courtesy : HCWD Studio 


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