7 Bathroom Designs You Won't Mind Sleeping In

Bathroom Design : Bathrooms you would like to even sleep in!!!

Yes, there are bathroom designs that are so luxurious and attractive that people would relax in this private space. Indeed washrooms or bathrooms as commonly called should be a place for anyone to relax and have some private time for self.

In the past century people have been giving equal importance to each and every part of homewhile designing it. Bathrooms and the accessories used in them have beautifully evolved and designs in faucets, taps, sinks and bath tubs have become dramatically luxurious. Tiles and flooring options too have been offering lots of designer options. We take a look at 7 bathroomdesigns that have been picked by our team carefully ranging from simple to luxurious. These designs are the one that you can easily experiment to duplicate in your own home.

Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos

This small, simple and elegant bathroom/ washroom has a unique appeal. The highlight of the bathroom is the white victorian bathtub. It is a comfortable white old age victorian style tub that is focus of attraction. The grey flooring and vanity adds a contrast to the white pure atmosphere.

Bathroom Design Photos

This is a small and vibrant bathroom. Colours add the dramatic effect. Clean lines with sheen and sleek light fittings complete the look.

Bathroom Design Photos and Ideas

Not every unit in a bathroom design can be given the same attention. There is always one focal point. In this washroom, the vanity console is the focus. The raw marble finish as the top is the attraction in this bathroom. Complementing the look are the cane baskets for towels and laundry. Photo frames add a family atmosphere to this washroom of a small family of three.

Bathroom Design Photos

This is a bathroom you can make if you wish to add a sauna to your space. The open shower is just next to it and also overlooks the nature outside. The huge window gets sunshine and light in this Nordic home.

Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos

A luxurious bathroom with a wall to highlight the look. Clean lines in dark grey shades add brilliance. Green planter breaks the monotany and the rug makes it cozy.

Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos

This is luxury at its peak. You need space, budget and superb ideas to make this bathroom in your house. It has a “His” & “Her” washbasin. A round bathtub with a shower in the garden.

Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos

Another bathroom that makes you feel like a queen or a king. Its a hotel like feel that we all love during our holidays and dream of reciprocating on return home.

Hope we have been able to give you enough inspiration to plan your own bathrooms. Enjoy the renovation and do keep sending us your designs.


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