Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects

They craft space ! To this end they continuously work with materials, light, and colour : Henning Stummel Architects, UK

Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects

The Tin House site in suburban London is set away from the street and all the surrounding properties overlook it. Ensuring privacy was most critical. Henning’s solution to this has been to work with a low and inward looking courtyard arrangement. This finally offerd the greatest privacy, both visually and acoustically to Tin House residents.

Tin House by Henning Stemmuel Architects

The design was a composition of different, mainly single storey pavilions allowed the enthusiastic architect to respond to the different conditions around the perimeter and create an ensemble that looks onto a secluded and serene courtyard. Each pavilion today, accommodates a room and has a roof that slopes on all four sides with a top light over the middle. This shape managed to reduce the contour, whilst maximizing the volume.

Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects

The top light offers fantastic natural light. Indeed the highlight of the home. This unique and wonderful way of creating light in a house in densely populated area gave a new lease of life to this house. Secondary spaces such as toilets and stairs were hidden within the capacious double walls of the links between pavilions, so that the final design reads as an enfilade of generous top lit spaces. The pavilions are gently moulded to make efficient use of the site.

Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects

All the pavilions are finished in a standing seam metal cladding. It is a modest utilitarian finish that will highlight the sculptural quality of the design.

Henning brings to his practice a wide breadth of knowledge through his education at the TH Darmstadt, ETH in Zurich, as well as collaborations with Norman Foster (1992-93) and David Chipperfield (1993 to 2000).

Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects

The practice has been published internationally and received numerous awards such as a Housing Design Award (2004), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Building of the Year: London Region 2005. It reached the finalist stage for the RIBA Stephen Lawrence Award in 2005. The practice has also been awarded the 2008 Daily Telegraph/ Home-building and Renovating Award and the 2009 Grand Designs Award for ‘Best Conversion’. Most recently his project, “The Workshop” was featured on Grand Designs. Kevin’s McCloud’s summary: “This is quite simply brilliant!” A view endorsed by the RIBA who gave them an award in 2014 – London Award for Housing.

Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects

Tin House is also shortlisted for this year’s 2016 RIBA London Regional Awards for Architecture.


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