Some Unusual Sofa Designs You Will Fall In Love With

Milan Design Week 2016 : Adrenalina is presenting five new collections of upholstered and padded furnishings at the show. These new collections were created by a group of designers who are already known in the design world but who have only just begun their collaboration with the company. As usual, the Adrenalina stand will be full of new colourful ideas, a distinct selection of seating solutions for domestic spaces and work areas.

The craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the experience at customization enable the company to create unconventional products featuring impeccable workmanship, a true expression of renown Italian quality.

This year Adrenalina has begun collaborating with leading designers: the famous Setsu & Shinobu Ito from Japan, Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, one of the founders of the bolidista* movement, and Roberto Romanello, a versatile designer and artist, well known in the world of contract furnishing design.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

Chill out

[chair + ottoman]

Design: Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Unconventional and ironic, Chill-Out is a tribute by its designer to the Radical Design movement of the 1960s and to the Club Culture of the 1990s. An armchair and ottoman at the same time, it has an aesthetic impact on any domestic setting. Chill-out does not go unnoticed and encourages interactive use.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

Chill-Out is a seat and a padded reclining chaise lounge, upholstered with a mix of flexible high-performance, fire resistant materials. It can be used either in domestic living areas or in corporate or commercial settings.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

Soft Machine


design: Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Soft Machine is a sculptural object with streamlined fluid lines, inspired by Bolidismo*, a movement founded in 1986 by a group of designers and architects including Garattoni himself.

The sofa is named after a novel by American writer William Burroughs, “The Soft Machine”, and the eponymous rock band of the ’60s. It is “a soft dwelling machine, born of the Italian love for speed. A culture of form that moves through the Futuristic aesthetics of Balla and Boccioni and evolves into Bolidismo, the last vanguard of the twentieth century,” says designer Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni.

* The typical elements of the Bolidismo movement are a heightened dynamism of forms, derived in part from Futurism and American streamlined design but also contaminated with references to organic forms, the architecture of the Thirties and the world of comics.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile


[Lounge chair + ottoman]

design: Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Speakeasy* is a retro and elegant lounge chair, complete with an ottoman leg rest, whose lines are inspired by the design of the ’50s and ’60s. The use of wood and curved plywood for the frame is reminiscent of the origins of Italian industrial design, “in which you find technological experimentation and an expression of good taste” states the author. “A (lost and found) time machine,” continues Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, “because time flies and the smell of memories recalls a time when the culture was synonymous with timeless elegance.” The metal “sled” legs give elasticity to the frame and provide a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

* Speakeasies were venues where alcoholic beverages were illegally sold during the Prohibition period in the United States. The Speakeasy Club was a famous locale of Swinging London where the most famous musicians of the time played.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

MAJI system

Design: Setsu & Shinobu Ito

Maji is an original modular system for office spaces or waiting areas, versatile and adaptable to any setting. It consists of a padded wall, which can be endlessly modulated, and it can wrap, as a protective shell, the most diverse elements, such as chairs, sofas, shelves, hangers. The name – Maji – comes from Japanese, and means “Really?”, an exclamation of surprise and amazement, as if it stirred questions such as “Can you actually sit in that shell? Can you really combine so many elements together?”

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

Micromega Sofa-bench

design: Roberto Romanello

Micromega is a modular upholstered seating system for contractor projects and office areas, but with small modules that can be used even in contemporary domestic space, such as lofts or open-plan apartments. It is a micro-architecture intended for mega public spaces, such as hotel lobbies, and allows you to create endless and stunning combinations. “The project focuses on man and his needs to meet and socialize in defined, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing spaces; hence the reason why we symbolically borrowed the circular and square shapes of Leonardo’s Vitruvian scheme,” says designer Roberto Romanello.

Adrenalina atl Salone del Mobile

Photo Courtesy : ADRENALINA


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