OFFECCT at Milan Design Week Photos

Milan Design Week 2016 : At Salone del Mobile Milano , Offecct is doing a preview of new products by celebrated architects Neri&Hu Design & Research Office in Shanghai, and Italian/Swedish design studio Studio Nichetto. Both these exciting new collaborations are spirited by the ambitious and comprehensive OFFECCT LifeCircle®* concept for environmental consciousness and sustainability launched last year.

OFFECCT at Milan Design Week Photos

Offecct is a Swedish company founded in the town of Tibro in 1990 by Kurt Tingdal and Anders Englund. Together with architects and designers from around the world, they have been very successfully developing furniture with sustainable and functional design for all kind of meeting places. At Offecct designers work with passion and determination to contribute to a more sustainable world. Concern for the environment is so much more than an important part of their operations. This concern permeates everything they do. In 2015, they launched OFFECCT LifeCircle®— an extensive and thorough program designed to prolong the lifespan of the products even further, to promote interest in a second hand market, and to create a life cycle for furniture and interiors. They continue to work for the environment sustenance and hence the unique collaborations for theMilan Design Week with designers of the same moto.

Neri&Hu’s Hanger rests on a base of recycled stone while Luca Nichetto’s Phoenix chair is constructed with an innovative concept of exchangeable and recyclable parts.

“Great design is not that rare but for us it’s gratifying when we can add a quality of concern for our planet and our future, which I’m proud to claim that these two products, and all the other news in our collection, really do,” says Anders Englund, Design Manager and co-founder at Offecct. “It’s so fulfilling the way that all the designers that we collaborate with truly and passionately share our LifeCircle values as the humanists that they are.”

In addition to the above mentioned, the Offecct 2016 collection also features progressive and sustainable new products by Jasper Morrison, Christophe Pillet, David Trubridge, Monica Förster, Jin Kuramoto, Hallgeir Homstvedt, Mattias Stenberg och Cecilie Manz.

HANGER by Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu 

Hanger by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu

“We are always interested in seemingly mundane and anonymous everyday objects. This hanger represents an object that is neglected and ignored in domestic and office environments — not glorified at all but in fact among the most important. We want to respect the Offecct brand values which stand for a simplicity and a strong sense for the contemporary communal meeting place — and for the LifeCircle philosophy reflected in the base of recycled stone or concrete. The hanger is like an `Ayi ́. `Ayi ́ is an endearing term meaning `aunt ́ and is what the Chinese use to call their domestic helper. She doesn’t crave attention but adorns grace, beauty and usefulness to the household.”

— Lyndon Neri, Neri&Hu

The interdisciplinary architecture and design studio Neri&Hu was founded in 2004 by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu in Shanghai, where it’s still headquartered, with an additional office in London. Neri&Hu’s global approach is reflected in its staff which commands a total of over thirty languages. The studio is based on a profound belief in research and innovation as the foundation for design. Neri&Hu takes pride in communicating their clients’ unique qualities in each individual project. Neri&Hu has attracted major global media attention and been awarded many prestigious international prizes. Among the studio’s clients are leading brands and other commissioners from around the globe.

PHOENIX by Luca Nichetto


“The chair is named after the bird in Greek mythology that rises from its own ashes. The name derives from the chair’s renewable qualities which we have developed in the thorough LifeCircle tradition that Offecct stands for. When one part of the chair is worn out or damaged, it can be easily replaced while the old part is swiftly recycled. All components in the chair are exchangeable and renewable. It’s constructed from four elements that turn a simple structure into a striking esthetic appearance, with the bold seating curve offering superior comfort. The generous selection of colours makes the chair very usable in a wide variety of environments.”

— Luca Nichetto

Designer Luca Nichetto at Milan Design Week 2016

Italian designer Luca Nichetto founded his multidisciplinary Studio Nichetto in Venice Italy in 2006, focusing on industrial design and design consultancy. The studio’s scope has since been expanded to encompass furniture and interiors design and more. In 2011, Studio Nichetto opened a second branch, in Stockholm Sweden, to meet a rising global demand. Studio Nichetto works with brands and commissioners from all around the world. The studio’s unique combination of Italian andScandinavian design culture has always attracted major global attention.

As I raid the city of Milan for the preparations of the world renowned Milan Design Week , I will continue to get more Design News from the ever happening and dazzling city of Milan.

Photo Courtesy : Offecct


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