Designed by kleyer.koblitz.letzel.freivogel.architekten, Germany and located at Wittstock/ Dosse, Germany, this day-care centre brings outdated buildings back into use.

WB001990_cbme_img_BA16_KitaKinderland01-format1920xY WB001991-format1920xY


WB001992_cbme_img_BA16_KitaKinderland04-format1920xY WB001993_cbme_img_BA16_KitaKinderland07-format1920xY


WB001994_cbme_img_BA16_KitaKinderland05-format1920xY WB001998_cbme_img_BA16_KitaKinderland09-format1920xY


WB002001-format1920xY WB002002-format1920xY


WB002003-format1920xY WB001999_cbme_img_BA16_KitaKinderland06-format1920xY


The Kita Kinderland north-west of Berlin links two old school buildings and a new entrance block with a connecting bridge. The new building addresses the church opposite and corresponds with the old buildings in terms of materials and proportions. The project was intended to preserve the old listed buildings and update them to meet current building codes and technical requirements for day-care facilities. click here to read full article….


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