A2DESIGN : Gestion immobilière 1650 recently held the official inauguration of a 3,700 sqm mixed-use building, Le 1650.

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The multidisciplinary firm, A2DESIGN, developed the plans for the entire structure in addition to overseeing its actual construction. Le 1650 includes a main level available for lease, while the 1st and 2nd floors house clinics belonging to co-owners, Dr. Daniel Godin, orthodontist, and Dr. Alain St-Onge, dentist. Crowning this new facility is a sweeping rooftop terrace, adjacent to a conference room fashioned for training purposes.

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22538-main_1538-2_22538_sc_v2comThe idea was to create and build a modern facility, bold in design with a unique signature style and sharp angles to clearly distinguish the final product, while maintaining a simple sober look for a more seamless integration into the surrounding environment. Distinctive traits include the building bulk and protective aluminium canopy connecting the main entrance to the parking area. Expansive windows disseminate an abundance of natural light into the neutral-toned minimalist, aesthetic spaces. click here to read full article….


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