Better Bankside London: Better Bankside, commissioned an artist to creatively transform a number of pedestrian crossings along Southwark Street, London SE1 during summer and autumn 2015. The work was being commissioned as part of Better Bankside’s Avenue of Art initiative – a long term programme to transform and animate the everyday spaces along and around Southwark Street and take art out of its traditional gallery setting.

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10182015IMG_3248 IMG_1035

The commission was being funded through a partnership of agencies, including Better Bankside BID, Southwark Council and Transport for London through its Future Streets Incubator programme. The Future Streets Incubator supports innovative on-street trials that encourage sustainable transport, increase levels of walking and cycling and create vibrant public spaces. It delivers on the recommendations of the Roads Task Force, which calls for a stronger emphasis on balancing movement with place functions within London’s street network, and promotes innovation and the trialling of new approaches and projects to achieve this.

11122015IMG_8092 11122015IMG_8120



The aims of Colourful Crossings

Colourful Crossings transformed the experience of Southwark Street in Bankside, central London by working with an artist to reimagine the everyday street infrastructure of pedestrian crossings. The project broughtg a new focus to Southwark Street, encouraging greater footfall and dwell time in the street. The project explored how art in the public realm can change how people view or use a street, and measured the impact of the commission on footfall, dwell time in the street and on driver behaviour. click here to read full article….


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