Terry & Terry Architecture : This project consists of a single-story addition and renovation to an existing mid-century ranch house in Menlo Park, California.

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21991-main_1891-1_21991_sc_v2com_compressed 21988-main_1891-1_21988_sc_v2com_compressed

Conceived for a retired couple, the open and accessible design integrates the living space with the rear garden to create a well-lit domestic extension. Comprised of two floating volumes, the addition formally designates the bedroom to the west and the main (common) space to the east. The two wings gradually diverge from the original structure to generate a glass-clad fissure in between. This void space pulls the garden inwards, injecting elements of the outdoors into the core of the house.

21978-main_1891-1_21978_sc_v2com_compressed 21981-main_1891-1_21981_sc_v2com_compressed

21990-main_1891-1_21990_sc_v2com_compressed 21989-main_1891-1_21989_sc_v2com_compressed

The bedroom wing/volume, which is located on the west side of the house encompasses the existing bedroom volume which was extended toward the rear in the form of a wood tube to accommodate an additional bedroom. This bedroom volume opens out to the garden.

21980-main_1891-1_21980_sc_v2com_compressed 21983-main_1891-1_21983_sc_v2com_compressed

The second volume, which comprises the main space, houses the kitchen, dining and media areas. The east wood wall plane of the main space folds onto two concrete walls to form the main roof plane. The main space produces large transparent openings or voids that open out onto a deck at the rear garden. The main roof plane extends forward to form the carport roof near the front of the property. click here to read full article….


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