Conran+ Partners : The scheme, located on the south-west edge of the city alongside the Tama River, comprises a total of 400,000m² of retail, office, leisure and residential building, as well as a new city park. The first phase of the project, launched in March 2011, was made up of 260,000m² of mixed use development including two department stores, a retail galleria, an office building, three residential towers ranging from 28 to 40 storeys, as well as two low rise residential buildings, providing a total of 1,000 apartments.

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The recently completed final phase of construction creates an additional 140,000m² of development including retail, a cinema complex, TV studio and leisure uses, surrounding a 30-storey office building surmounted by a three-storey hotel.

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22612-main_1680-1_22612_sc_v2com_compressedConran and Partners’ design concept for the project responds to the essential elements of the site: its location on the very edge of Tokyo, its adjacency to the Tamagawa River and the shift across its one kilometre length, from the urbanity of the railway station to the west, to the park to the east. As such, the scheme reflects the site’s important transitionary role at the threshold between city and nature in this popular, family-orientated neighbourhood. click here to read full article….


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