Designed by Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architects : At our first meeting, the clients spoke of simplicity and an open view of the woods. They wanted a house that “looks like a house.” They preferred a more traditional style, reminiscent of East Coast homes by the sea, standing like cedar-shingled “lighthouses,” standing strong against the storms.

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These houses seem to rise up to view the horizon. From the beginning, we could see that they were open to contemporaneity and boldness, even though they wished to retain the traditional country style of North Hatley’s early homes. This duality between the traditional and the modern was our guide throughout the design. When we first visited the property, we were charmed by the dense, leafy forest and deer close by. The property is bordered by a stream, and the sound of the water is both soothing and inspiring. It is located at the end of a mountainous domain, close to the heart of the village of North Hatley.


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22925-main_1527-2_22925_sc_v2com_compressedThe winding ‘’Méandres’’ road leads to the property, and the project is nestled in one of its sharp curves. Upon approach, the house has a strong presence, but its build and size give it a traditional look. Wandering through the property, the cedar seems to step back, allowing the indoors to mingle with the outdoors. It is almost like a boat that has come to rest on the banks of a bend in the river. click here to read full article….


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