World famous Architect Shigeru Ban has designed a modular housing unit to re-settle homeless residents of Nepal who had been struck by devastating earth quake earlier this year.

0001_0 ShigeruBan_Nepal_Exterior_A03

The Pritzker Prize Winner Shigeru Ban has worked on many humanitarian relief projects across many countries like such as Sri lanka and japan. These earth shattering quakes has caused a great loss of human life and surrounding areas .Nepal Project as it is known now, works to provide new houses to many thousands of people whose homes were damaged during the quake. These house have been made by huge waste of earth quake debris only.

ShigeruBan_Nepal_Interior_A03 SBsketch


These light weight and quake proof houses have been made by using the Wooden frames to provide structure and roof would be built using a truss system of cardboard tubes – a material that Ban has used extensively throughout his projects. Rubble would then be used to infill the walls, while thatch would cover the roof.

MODEL_9156 MODEL_9143


“This simple construction method enables anyone to assemble the wooden frames very quickly and if a roof is secured on top, and the wooden structure covered with a plastic sheet, people can immediately begin to inhabit the shelters,” said Shigeru Ban Architects.-0- “Afterwards, people can stack the rubble bricks inside the wooden frames and slowly complete the construction themselves.” click here to read full article….


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