World Architecture Award 2015 : Yazgan Design Architecture competed as a finalist at the world renowned World Architecture Festival 2015 Awards with four projects in Singapore on November 4th-6th 2015. Nominated from the group of 340 finalists, the ONS INCEK Showroom and Sales Office Project, won the Innovative Use of Color Award at the World Architecture Festival. With this addition to their list of awards and accolades, Yazgan Design continues to show their commitment to design innovation and strives to expand their presence both locally and globally by delivering exceptional design ideas and solutions to their clients.

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ONS INCEK Residences Showroom & Sales Office Artfully placed in 45,000m2 of manicured landscape, ‘ONS INCEK’ is a luxury residential project consisting 3 colorful towers containing 992 residences. Signaling the entrance of the residential complex, the multi-leveled showroom displaying the mock-up apartments, is designed with its contours sitting parallel to the inclined topography. Located under the central atrium, the large model of the residential complex is at the focal point of the showroom. With varying modes of circulation, including ramps, stairs and elevators, the visitors are able to move with ease throughout the free space interior.

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The private offices are located on the top floor, while the residential complex models and sales associates are located at the ground level. At the basement level, the three fully furnished mock-ups of the apartments are displayed. The interior of the showroom is enveloped with a numerous amount of repetitive vertical colored glass panels. With its multi-leveled, exposed concrete structure, the showroom is predominantly a medium grey color. This creates a unified background for the color of the glass panels to be more accentuated and visible from a distance. Color is also of great importance to the overall design intent of the project as a whole.

23246-main_1980-1_23246_sc_v2com 23248-main_1980-1_23248_sc_v2com

23251-main_1980-1_23251_sc_v2comEach tower facade is also wrapped with glass panels. The colors of the glass panels are the same colors used in the towers, visually connecting the showroom to the residential complex. The three primary colors used were a turquoise blue, a warm green and deep yellow. click here to read full article….


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