Weinerberger Brick Award 2015 : Designed by Tropical Space co Limited, this house is way different from a normal house.

WB001485_cbme_img_BA16_TermitaryHouse1-format1920xY_0 WB001465_cbme_img_BA16_TermitaryHouse05-format1920xY

The way the residence is organized resembles a termite mound. As common in Central Vietnam, it is built of solid brick only, which meets the extreme climatic conditions of this region. The building is constructed to use the small available space as best and economically as possible.

WB001471_cbme_img_BA16_TermitaryHouse06-format1920xY WB001490_cbme_img_BA16_TermitaryHouse12-format1920xY


At night, the perforated but windowless brick façade glows like an ornamented lantern. The overall budget for the construction and furnishing costs was quite low.

WB001473_cbme_img_BA16_TermitaryHouse07-format1920xY WB001492_cbme_img_BA16_TermitaryHouse03-format1920xY

Nevertheless, the house provides a good living standard. A sophisticated layout allowed the incorporation of essential parts like an office, bathrooms and sleeping areas, but also a small library and a prayer room. The green roof serves as a garden for the residents. click here to read full article….


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