Weinerberger Brick Award 2015 : Formation Architects developed a master plan and detailed designs for 128 dwellings, comprising houses and apartments. The houses are grouped in rows and pairs, resembling semi-detached ‘villas’.

WB002372_cbme_img_BA16_SevenAcresCambridge01-format1920xY WB002369_cbme_img_BA16_SevenAcresCambridge11-format1920xY


Simple cubic forms create a variety of rhythms with deep setbacks and changes in building heights. Openings for storey-high windows, Juliet balconies and recessed brick panels are ‘carved’ into the brick work and create a rich texture across the façades.

WB002370_cbme_img_BA16_SevenAcresCambridge06-format1920xY WB002376_cbme_img_BA16_SevenAcresCambridge05-format1920xY



The chosen facing brick is light in tone, with a handmade look and refers to Skanska’s Scandinavian heritage, whilst being sympathetic to the brick found in and around Cambridge.

WB002378_cbme_img_BA16_SevenAcresCambridge02-format1920xY WB002381_cbme_img_BA16_SevenAcresCambridge12-format1920xY

The new neighborhood revolves around a community square in the Centre of the site. It accommodates a picnic area adjacent to a play house for children and a lawn for the community. click here to read full article….


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