Weinerberger Brick Awards 2015 : A former shop of only 28 m², located in the centre of Tehran, was to be turned into a small café. The main idea was inspired by the urban context and intended the integration of traditional elements into an architectural interior space.

WB002193_cbme_img_BA16_EsprissCafe02-format1920xY WB002204_cbme_img_BA16_EsprissCafe07-format1920xY


The choice of material was inspired by the neighbouring buildings and handicraft shops. The spatial diagram is based on an integrated geometry continuing from the outside to the interior.

WB002077_cbme_img_BA16_EsprissCafe06-format1920xY WB002194_cbme_img_BA16_EsprissCafe03-format1920xY


WB002203_cbme_img_BA16_EsprissCafe08-format1920xYThe building services such as the ventilation system should be hidden behind the façade and interior design. A 3D diagram created an integrated structure for all the features required to work out the issues of the existing structure, which also introduce the morphology of brick and light as all the bricks are positioned on the basis of this diagram. Considering the small size of the place, standard bricks had to be cut into smaller pieces. click here to read full article….


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