After being nominated for several major European awards, most recently Yacht of the Year and the HISWA Award in the Netherlands, the new entry-level model Hanse 315 has now made a grand entrance on the US market: the renowned cruising sail magazine “Cruising World” nominated the Hanse 315 as the Best Value Yacht of the Year.

HANSE_315_IS_TAKING_ALL_THE_PRIZES-37c06_0 Hanse_315_2015_09_Exterior_Web_4-76922_compressed


Hanse_315_2015_08_Interior_Web_2-52b2a_compressed Hanse_315_2015_08_Interior_Web_5-3ce62_compressed


The 20 nominated yachts come from eleven different countries, including Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Croatia, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, England, China and the United States. With this accolade by “Cruising World”, one of the most successful sailing magazines worldwide, the Hanse 315 is acknowledged as the best value yacht in its price category.

Hanse_315_2015_08_Interior_Web_9-d6837_compressed Hanse_315_2015_09_Interior_Web_4-c60a4_compressed


Hanse_315_2015_08_Interior_Web_8-14184_0This once again illustrates how Hanse not only knows all about designing first-class yachts with its partners, but that it also knows how to implement and produce ambitious objectives. The Hanse 315 not only captivates with its dynamic sporty design, but also with the perfectly matched keel and helm versions, which have been tested and selected in various development stages. Then there is the modern sail plan and, with the help of these features, the Hanse 315 is already showing its unbelievable performance in various tests by multiple sailing magazines. Hanse has also set high standards in the interior: the previously hardly imaginable cabin space in this size and vastness reflects the loft atmosphere on the 9.60 m long boat. click here to read full article….


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