Microsoft exterior view of conference room

Microsoft has recently opened its first Conference Centre in Montreal. Metaphore Design, corporate interior design expert, was given the mandate to develop a functional and welcoming space that inspires innovation. It was after a thorough study of this world leader’s DNA that the designers opted for a vaporous and aerial signature, punctuated with dynamic elements. The lighting of the space, designed in collaboration with LumiGroup, plays a key role in the interior design concept.

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Subtle at times, bright, diffuse or alive at others, the lighting accompanies, punctuates and accentuates every detail; sometimes becoming a shape, volume, or graphic/architectural element. Skyscape, vaporous atmosphere Upon entry, visitors are welcomed by a structurally organic and aerodynamic reception desk, with undefined limits. This floating white object instantly transports us to Microsoft’s universe, one of intangibility, immateriality, technology, innovation and creativity. The company logo also appears to float in this silky white pool, thanks to soft lighting with undefined contouring.

22875-main_1152-5_22875_sc_v2com 22877-main_1152-5_22877_sc_v2com


This dreamy effect is achieved with a special lens, Dasal’s Wall-Wash, which evenly distributes the light using a wider and higher light beam than is used in standard recessed lights. Our attention is then directed towards a dropped ceiling, present in three conference rooms, revealing a blue sky occupied by delicate clouds, referring to Windows system’s famous wallpaper, an iconic Microsoft image. click here to read full article….


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