Star Wars : The Force Awakens : A new chapter adds to the Star Wars universe with the world premiere of “Star Wars new movie. The launch of the film not only brings a seventh chapter to the epic saga; it also takes the existing collaboration between Disney and the VELUX Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of roof windows and accessories, to a new galaxy.

star-wars-galactic-night-collection-copyright-the-velux-group-2 star-wars-galactic-night-collection-copyright-the-velux-group

The “Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night Collection” offers four galactic blackout blinds designed especially for children’s rooms to stimulate rest and creativity, which are vital for future generations and at the core of the VELUX Group. The VELUX Group was founded in 1941 with a vision to bring light and fresh air to modern homes. 74 years and millions of roof windows later, the company is today a market leader with an ongoing ambition to shape spaces supporting individual needs for daylight in every room of the house. And this includes children’s rooms, which today have changed focus from being bedrooms to playrooms and as such call for increased creativity and functionality when decorating. In 2014, the high involvement in children’s rooms led the VELUX Group to a playful and powerful collaboration with Disney featuring some of the most beloved Disney characters. Now the time has come to widen the scope and cater for the imagination of even more children with a Star Wars-themed blinds collection. click here to read full article….



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