Art of Building Photgraphy Awards 2015 : The built environment’s biggest international photography competition opened for voting on 18th December with 12 finalists in the running for the prize. Photography fans around the world are being asked to vote for their favorite picture out of 12 dramatically contrasting images. The architectural feast includes skyscrapers, a London underground station, a tiny Spanish chapel and the interior of 17th century Danish observatory. There are also examples of human interaction with the built environment, from the man climbing a bridge in Bangladesh to a hand tying steel rods together in India. Other photographs demonstrate the beauty in the commonplace or mundane, from the dizzying geometry of a power pylon, to the intricate pattern of pipes on a half-finished project or the steel supports of an iconic Norman Foster bridge.

Watchful by Derek Snee Under Pressure by Bernabe Della Mattia


High Voltage by Rickie Cheung Beauty is in the details by Anne Yong


Nature can also be seen intruding onto structures, most dramatically displayed in Iceland where the side of a mountain appears to be swallowing a small hut. In Northumberland, vegetation is closing in on a battered coastal defense from the Second World War. Launched in 2010 by CIOB, Art of Building allows amateur and professional photographers to compete against each other on a level playing field, using equipment ranging from high specification cameras to smart phones. This year’s competition attracted thousands of entries, with more than 70% coming from outside of the UK.

Mr Fosters Angle by Robert Finch Half Life by Nikola Filipov


Metal Hand by David Bajrai My Pod by Peter Murrell


The pictures underwent several rounds of evaluation by the independent judging panel which included Sue Steward, broadcaster, writer and art critic for the London Evening Standard, professional photographer Matt Wain and Tom Ravenscroft, deputy editor of Construction Manager magazine. CIOB competition organizer Saul Townsend said: “Art of Building has produced another amazing crop of pictures that invite us to look at our world in new ways. It’s fantastic to see people from so many countries engaging enthusiastically with the built environment.

The Daredevil by Ata Adnan Round is the Old Square by Sheila Unwin


Metal Petals by Iris PosnerThis year we’ve also demonstrated that a lack of specialist photographic equipment is no barrier to entry – one our finalists’ pictures was taken on a smart phone. The standard of this year’s Art of Building entries was once again extremely high, and the judges had some very robust debates as they whittled down their final selections. All finalists are worthy winners, but it will be exciting to see which pictures capture the imagination of the general public.” click here to read full article….


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