In Saigon, there is a story about Van Duong Phu, a masterpiece of architecture, built by Mr. Vuong Hong Sen, a culturist, an academic, and a famous collector of antiques. Moreover, he also has a deep knowledge of southern Vietnam and wrote many books about Saigon.

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At the end of his life, he would like to dedicate his house as a museum in order to prevent the antiques from stolen and introduce Saigon culture to visitors. However, after his dead, the house has been abandoned, and the spirit is totally lost.

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22795-main_1256-1_22795_sc_v2comWe’ve recognized that although being respected and successful in his works, he failed in passing his love to his family. Therefore, they do not respect their childhood.

The owner of Saigon house is the one who loves Saigon and she hates living in a Western liked houses, which become popular in our city. She wants the house is a gathering place for her brothers and sisters those who used to live in the same roof and a meeting place for grandparents and their kids. Moreover, inspired by the Van Duong Phu story, she would like this house to be the place where she can share her memories about the furniture, the stuffs that she collected to the kids so that they know how to cherish the place where they grow up. click here to read full article….


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