Photography by Stephane Brugger

« Être avec toi » is the result of a joint work between MASSIVart, W Montréal, BPC, SID LEE Architecture and Ivanhoé Cambridge.

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This unique restaurant, placed on the W ground floor, mixes art and lifestyle. Ê.a.t (Être Avec Toi) blurs the boundaries of art access by offering its clients art right on their table. Halfway between a gallery and a restaurant, the pieces become furniture and waiters become artistic mediators.

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The ê.a.t waiting staff has been trained to answer the clients’ questions on the artistic content. MASSIVart signs a 100% Montrealer artistic direction The artistic integration from MASSIVart under Arthur Gaillard’s curation celebrates the Montreal diversity through tailor made pieces by Montreal artists only, whether they are settled or growing. From the tables (by Jason Wasserman) to the murals (by WIA & Stikki Peaches), through booths (Jason Cantoro), to the windows (Scaner), the artists literally took visual control of the place.

22867-main_1969-1_22867_sc_v2com 22868-main_1969-1_22868_sc_v2com

22870-main_1969-1_22870_sc_v2comAn undeniable reflect of the Montreal culture, its symbols, its history and its countless murals. The concept goes beyond art curation: from Decembre 2nd to February 19th, Alan Ganev, Botkin, Bonar and Labrona will conceive – sometimes together – paintings right in front of the clients. click here to read full article….


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