The 2 Girls Building is a mixed use building that fuses art, photography and architecture.

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The project explores the relationship between the three disciplines and blurs their respective boundaries resulting in one craft overlapping and appropriating with the characteristics of the others in the form of a new medium.

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As a result photography appropriates architectural materiality and photography shifts into the architectural space of the third dimension. Architecture becomes photography, photography becomes architecture and the building becomes a hybrid urban artefact within the built environment. KUD collaborated with Melbourne Artist Samantha Everton during the design process to ensure a collaborative integration of art forms throughout the project.

22848-main_1982-1_22848_sc_v2com 22846-main_1982-1_22846_sc_v2com

22850-main_1982-1_22850_sc_v2comThe “Masquerade”, from Everton’s ‘Vintage Dolls’ series, that features on the building facade, was specifically selected for its familiar vernacular in its subject matter which is synonymous with inner city traditional domestic spaces and more importantly, for the drama and theater it provides to the public realm. click here to read full article….


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