The Netherlands has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to design. In recent decades many Dutch designers have been acclaimed for their ingenious and stylish creations. But Stijn Roodnat and Toon Stilma, the men behind the brand-new design brand LABEL/BREED, saw major further potential as well.

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By combining the inventiveness and creative mind of the designer with the ingenuity of the Dutch manufacturing industry, they give the term design a whole new meaning. Stijn Roodnat outlines the trends that have allowed LABEL/BREED, the brand with a story, to take shape. “Economic developments have caused a lot of manufacturing capacity, and sometimes even entire companies, to shift from the Netherlands to low-wage countries.

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At the same time, however, we saw that the companies able to stand their ground have truly innovative and groundbreaking innovations. So we recognised a great opportunity for bringing together Dutch designers and Dutch manufacturers, and seeing what happens.” click here to read full article….


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