This project, begun by another architect, was reworked in order to comply with RT 2012 energy regulations, starting with a combined wood and concrete frame. The plan was to build an energy efficient home in an environmentally protected area near the Sainte-Anne-d’Auray Basilica – the third most important pilgrimage destination in France.

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The structure comprises three parts : at the edge of the site, stands the concrete and wood frame garage and storeroom which has a low pitched roof ; the main body of the structure houses a living space and a bedroom on the ground floor and a bedroom, a bathroom and a mezzanine study in the converted loft space under a 45° pitch roof ; the kitchen and laundry room are situated in the third section which also has a low pitched roof.

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To the North, the concrete wall between the garage and the main house has external Rockwool insulation covered with wood cladding. The internal wall is plastered as are all the adjoining partitions. These walls are also protected by the crawl space which has 80 mm insulation to prevent all heat transfer between the floor and the heated living space.

23092-main_949-5_23092_sc_v2com 23088-main_949-5_23088_sc_v2com

23095-main_949-5_23095_sc_v2comThe concrete floor incorporates 18 cm polystyrene slabs and is covered with 56 cm EFISOL insulation. These concrete elements, as well as the plaster-tiled partition walls, increase thermal mass inside the house. click here to read full article….

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