Ile Seguin-Rives de Seine: Designed by Architects, urbanist & landscape designer Tetrarc, It is a major urban renewal project in the heart of Greater Paris, spread over 74 hectares on the site of the former Renault factories, including the Ile Seguin. At the heart of one of these 3 sectors, the “Trapeze”, sits Macro-lot A5, comprising a secondary school, due to be delivered in 2018 – block A – and 110 apartments along its southern edge – block B. This block comprises 110 flats for social housing on top of a 2-level underground car park.

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On Rue Marcel Bontemps, four plots of white buildings, with clean, sharp lines, made to resemble the large mansions built by Baron Haussmann in the city centre, rising 7 storeys above the ground, create a deliberate effect. The interplay of the different roof openings, levels and the Mansard-style roofs break up the straight lines of the building frontage.

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Their simplicity is underlined by an extravagant feature: between these spaces, broken up by fault lines, are a modern twist on the classical loggia. They take the form of an intricate mesh, combining vertical passages providing access to four apartments on each floor and one entrance/loggia per apartment.

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These towers are totems for the whole district, showing the importance of private outdoor space in the modern city by making them spectacular and fun. As in the suburb of Plessis-Robinson and the little residential huts among the trees of the outdoor guinguette cafés of the early 20th century, you are brought back home by what has inevitably become the stand-out feature of the building.

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The unusual identity provided by these entrances/loggias which ensure privacy for their residents is achieved through the use of interwoven riveted aluminium: the softness of form, constructional strength and quality of the anodised metal: a number of allusions to the industrial history of the area without becoming mired in nostalgic reminiscence. click here to read full article….


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