Change Room with Open Storage

The cramped up rooms with a communal bathroom frustrate us in our college days at dormitories. Finally a degree to boost off cheers us and we move to a more organized way of life.

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Once out of the dorms we get a room of our own, a cleaner structured study table and a bigger space to move around. If you think that your life now is better than the one in college, think of the many lessons it taught you about life and its way forward.

277203-169 Open Book Shelf_1

1. There’s a time and, most importantly, a place for everything.

A small squeezed space can have many lofted beds and shower caddies. One doesn’t need to have a big space to live but just the right attitude in life. Dorms taught how we can stash all our stuff cleverly. These tricks have taught us the use of multipurpose furniture, bathroom vanity uses, purchase of more sturdy furniture.

Open Storage at House_0

2. You don’t always have to be truly organized.

Roommates were never a choice given to you. They had to be tolerated with their messy habits. The burden of studies and laundry never gave you eough time to do the proper housekeeping. But still you could instantly get ready for an inspection. Make use of those clever and fast tricks to tidy up your room every Friday. Not always though, but some weekends the home can be cleaned quickly and superficially for a more relaxed Sunday. click here to read full article….


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