A side table often a neglected piece of furniture in a home is rather the most essential item of a space if used creatively and artistically. In a living room it is made a sofa’s kickback and in a bedroom it only is a place to keep your cluttered essentials. My heart cries looking at the wastage of a wonderful furniture section. From a storage option to a fashion statement, a side table can be used in many creative ways. Let’s discuss some stirring setups with this gorgeous & petite something extra on the side.

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Cornered away

Being a perfect host is a passion for women but the housekeeper’s job after the party is a mission & back-breaker.. If you love entertaining friends & family or have young kids, you probably should always have coasters ready. Let’s admit—drinks, snacks, napkins always end up in the living room’s side table. A glass or marble/ granite top side table is a great idea for such rooms so that cleaning will no more be a worry. Although, glass top tables can be avoided in homes with small kids. In a living room that entertains a lot, smart side tables with coasters of different shapes, sizes and colors is a fabulous idea. An attractive bowl can be placed for putting the discarded tissues. A sleek minimal table is best for party lovers.

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Go Glam

An occasional host with grown up kids can show lot of creativity with the side table. In the living room you can place small pieces of art collections from your trips around the world; a coffee table book with an attractive cup; mini sized photo frames with a collection of pictures. click here to read full article….


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