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Kitchens are the most important part of a home. Meals are prepared, picnics are planned, parties are discussed, and new recipes are tried, in this very vital room. More than ever, people are planning their house kitchens with the same passion as the living room or bedroom. The nicer you feel preparing a meal; enhanced will be the taste of the delicacy. Whether small apartment or a big mansion, well planned kitchens can bring positive energy into a home and a family. White has always been my first choice with kitchens. They add an element of purity and tranquillity to the aura of a house.

House 1 (1) House 1 (3)


This is a bigger house with lot of space for kitchen and an island in it. Being done in white it has added more space into the existing large square footage. The grey colour gadgets break the monotony with the same colour hanging lights above the island counter. The flooring in wood adds the luxury and warmth to the room. The space is so wonderfully dressed with green planters that it adds life to the lightest shade in the colours’ family.

House 2 (1) House 2 (2)


A medium sized kitchen of an apartment, this kitchen gives a bigger look because of the white hue. The flooring in this case is a smart use of lightest grey further increasing the space in the kitchen.


House 3 (1)_0 House 3 (2)


The small seating for four in front of the window and a dash of green on the runner of the table brings outdoors inside the kitchen. Sleek black chandelier compliments the white/ grey colours with ease, also adding glamour to the apartment kitchen.

House 3 (3) House 4 (2)


A relatively large kitchen that opens into the space outside the home. The theme of boundary less water outside has been brought inside by a merging kitchen, dining and living room area.

House 4 (3) House 4 (1)_0


All the rooms have been taken into one large space by the designer. Hands down the best combination of white with wooden flooring has been done to make the place warm and cosy. The use of rug has brought the third dimension and broken the monotony. Only two colours are used for this kitchen and the liberty to add third colour rests with the occupants by the use of diverse coloured rugs; that can be varied as per season or mood.

House 5 (1) House 5 (2)


Small kitchen of an apartment and the play of colours on the base white is simply eye catchy. White and grey remain the base colours used on the cupboards and flooring respectively. The use of green coloured dining area in the kitchen is playing the dramatic effect with a wall adorning collections from grandmothers’ heritage.

House 5 (3)_0 House 6_0


House 7Rug below the small dining table is just the spot on accessory for a kitchen, again in turquoise green. The cosiness of kitchen accents used would definitely reflect in the food prepared by the home owner. click here to read full article….


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