International Furniture Fair Singapore Pte Ltd today officially unveils a new brand identity for the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2016 / 33rd ASEAN Furniture Show (IFFS/AFS). IFFS 2016 returns to the Singapore EXPO from 10 – 13 March 2016, in conjunction with The Décor Show and furniPRO Asia. The rebranding reflects the show’s continued commitment to promoting design within the furniture industry, and to forging relationships between exhibitors and buyers.

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The new tagline ‘Design, Inspiration, and Trade’ represents IFFS’ mission to be the premier launch platform in Asia for the furniture industry – one that connects the people with trends and innovation, and one that inspires new ideas and fresh business opportunities. Embodying this new direction, the refreshed logo depicts connections, symbolized by diagonal and vertical planes meeting at intersections and joined by triangles that represent IFFS.

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Speaking of the rebrand, Mr. Ernie Koh, Chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd, said, “Good designs stem from inspirational experiences, and a company with a winning product understandably receives positive attention. This, in turn, leads to higher chances of success from a business standpoint. The three elements in the tagline share a synergistic relationship that ultimately promotes a thriving furniture industry. Here, IFFS plays the role as the connector that links ‘design, inspiration and trade’.

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New Direction, New Highlights

In line with the show’s new direction, IFFS will introduce several brand new elements to the upcoming edition that promises to create different innovative avenues for exhibitors to engage audiences and showcase their designs, as well as to provide visitors with a visually stimulating and eclectic experience.

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IFFS 2016 boasts of a refreshing hall layout that presents both spatial and experiential elements that are specially crafted to enhance the tradeshow experience. On entering the Design and International Brands Hall (Hall 4), visitors will be greeted by a buzzing Piazza area with activities that celebrate design and innovation, making it an exciting place to kindle new inspiration. Visitors will also be treated to a plethora of creative product displays, including bedroom, living room, dining room, garden and outdoor furniture as well as decorative accessories, as exhibitors showcase the best of the best through various touch points.

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Visitors seeking an engaging experience can also expect to be wowed by a series of innovative structural and interactive displays that are designed specially to invoke inspiration and create conversations. click here to read full article….


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