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Going on a journey to the five very scenic countries of the world – Scandinavian countries, was an experience that was truly meditating. Peep into the Scandinavian lifestyle of the homes in places like Denmark and Sweden opens your thoughts to the way these countries have embraced nature.

Bedroom with Wooden Flooring Bedroom_64


Home Entrance in Wooden Flooring huvudbild_1


The Nordic lifestyle is about love for their homes, nature, sunlight and peaceful, quite life. The world has been drawn to this simple Nordic theme designs. I have penned down my design lessons from Sweden & Denmark. Hope you will be able to replicate the trends in your home decor.

Kitchen with White Wooden Flooring Living Room with Large Windows


Love affair with WHITE. Scandinavians are in love with the color – white. This is quite understandable considering the climate of the country. Sun never seems to set in summers and it never seems to rise in winters. During my stay this year last month, I realized that the Sun is dramatic in this part of the world. Whites are their favorite but they always add a dash of black to it. The contrast gives a wonderful appeal creating a magic of opposite colors.

Kitchen_31 Livng Room with Dining Area


Room with Study Table Outdoors with Seating


You have to be a nature lover if you want a Nordic theme. Scandinavians are obsessive of greenery. The forest patches in these countries explain their obsession. Not just this. To add the greenery in white snowy winter season, they add small planters inside the house. These plants beautifully sit on the sil of the windows. For your theme add a few planters inside the house and especially around the kitchen area. click here to read full article….


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