title- IKEA Girls Pink Room

Get Some Ideas About Making The Decor Of Your Kid’s Room Really Special.

Kids are the most favorite part of any house. They bring life to your house and make it home in true ways. Houses are planned as per them, as when you have a small kids, the surroundings should be child friendly. I am sure you might have taken care of that already. Kids grow up really fast. By the time you finish planning for their rooms as per their likes, they either change their likings or they grow up. They outgrow their toys, shoes, clothes, food habits, books everything. And at the end, there is never enough space for their stuff in the house. I am sure we don’t want them to stop growing but we can surely take care of their needs by maximizing the available space with us. Let’s create some unique ways to make their room cool and amazing. So they keep liking it, irrespective of their age.

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Pastel Shades like pink, magenta, purple, mauve, yellow etc. are girl’s favorite colors. Most of the girls like these shades for their rooms. So start with these bright colors for her room and bring lot of freshness to her room. Let her feel like a fairy princess in her room. Add some silver elements like skirting on the floor. Some stars on her curtains. You may even use pastel laminate for her storage options and such shades can be utilized for her bed too. Provide her with the room, which is beautiful as well as functional. There is another advantage of using bright color. It helps in making the room look bigger and open. Her room can have cabinet storage with drawers and shelves. Decorate them with pearly white handles like white gloves. Utilize every space in the room in making it beautiful and functional. Don’t forget to add a bedside lamp and keep some space for fresh flowers. These are some of the must-have additions to any girl’s room. She would keep liking this room forever. click here to read full article….


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