title- Bedroom Art Work

Art work brings alive the walls of our house. Genuine & Original art works are quite costly and out of reach for many people in the world. Master pieces like Mona Lisa, Scream and last Supper can never be created twice. If you are planning to buy some art work for your house, let’s learn the way professional art appreciators buy the art pieces.

Living Room Art Work_2

Make a five point list like I have made for you and you would never be wrong in buying art work

First and foremost, decide what you are looking for… we are part of modern society which is heavily reliant on digital mode of communication and way of life. We can find number of prints and reproductions of the same art work from a single click on our computer. So if you don’t want to get duped, then read on

Wall Decor - Art WorkPoint One: Do You Know Your Medium?

There are many mediums of creating an art work like water color, oil colors, stain glass colors etc. based on the mediums as they have been created with, their values are decided. Like for example, water color painting are slightly less expensive than oil color based artworks. You should be able to check that yourself. Water color paints are used more on papers using colors and water. Whereas oil based colors are used for creating art works on cloths and canvas. Oil paintings also last long without any touch up, on the other hand, water based colors starts to fade away faster than any other medium. click here to read full article….


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