Sommarhus Andreas Martin-Löf

At the next Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, which will be held February 9-13, 2016, the area where the Design Bar and the Design Talks are located will be designed by architect Andreas Martin-Löf. Under the concept “All the fun of the fair”, he would like to create an evocative, cozy atmosphere that is miles away from hard wooden chairs and Scandinavian simplicity. The Design Bar, which is a cross between an exhibition and a world-class restaurant and highlights the interplay between food and its surroundings, will be created this year in cooperation with the award-winning chef, Fredrik Eriksson.

Eda Knivsta, Andreas Martin-Löf Sommarhus Andreas Martin-Löf


“All the fun of the fair” expresses the sense of excitement that a traveling fun fair generates. An opportunity to let your hair down. A readiness to enjoy the moment. And a willingness to embrace new experiences. This phrase has set the framework for and given the name to Design Bar 2016.

In a time when parallel trends are increasing in number and speed, we have become consumers not only of actual objects and physical rooms, but also of digital vendors and photographs. Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter, a firm which designs conceptual housing projects for new production, is located in the middle of this new picture-world and reality.

Stråhattsfabriken, Andreas Martin-Löf2012-08 Stråhattsfabriken, Andreas Martin-Löf10-2012


“Our design for the Design Bar and the Design Talks area is a conscious mix of current trends. With a humorous approach we have selected the theme from blogs and accounts that we follow on Instagram. It is our hope and belief that this combination will create an evocative, cozy atmosphere that is miles away from hard wooden chairs and Scandinavian simplicity. At the same time our installation will question the architect’s and the designer’s relationship with context and authenticity. Central to the project is the collection of 200 casting clamps. Tools that were left over from the construction of a summer house, which in itself was a hit in social media. In the stand they are given new meaning in the form of simple light fittings,” says Andreas.

Fredrik Eriksson“How fun that food is given such a large role at the fair! It is a great challenge as well as a creative assignment to work together with Andreas to create a menu that is integrated into the concept and will appeal to the educated guests at the fair. The cuisine will be elegant,” says Fredrik. click here to read full article….


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