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We always work towards making our house décor new and updated. But most important point is, it should always be clean and sparkling. Here are few tips by which we can maintain our house over the years and keep it new and sparkling.

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Everything which we use on a daily basis, needs proper maintenance like our clothes, our computer, our car, kitchen gadgets and even garden and plants. In the daily chaos of life, we conveniently forget the most silent and significant part of our lives, Our Home. Because our house doesn’t cry every day, it shouts for maintenance only when something goes seriously wrong and that stops the daily wheel of life. Like our heating system goes down, the walls might develop a crack, the ceiling is developing cracks or even staircase’s railing starts to shake.

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We can avoid such last minute issues which completely halts our life by keeping a regular check on our house and careful inspection. This would help us in increasing the age of our house and would also keep heavy recurring expenses and capital expenditure at bay.

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Light & Ventilation

We should always allow lot of light and ventilation in our house. This helps keep the house fresh and airy apart from keeping dampness away. Dampness leads to fungal growth and dust accumulation. Keep a schedule of good painting service to keep the walls free from cracks and fungal growth. Avoid and prevent any water accumulation on floor and walls. Use washable paints, from which you can wipe off the dust. This way you would save yourself from many long term troubles.

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Maintain A Schedule Of Maintenance

Is it possible? Yes, it is and advisable as well. Make it must for your home. It starts from dusting and mopping off the floors to disinfecting the toilets and other such surfaces like kitchen counters and sinks. Keep the windows clean and glass checked for any cracks. Help your house with this schedule to make it love you more.

Bathroom with BathtubTake Care Of Walls And Floors

In case you ever spot a crack or dampness on any surface of your house, be it is wall or floor; just get the same corrected as soon as possible. Keep checking the plumbing and air conditioning lines for any breakage and leakage. You have many prone areas like bathroom taps and faucets, kitchen fresh water and waste water lines, terrace rain water drainage lines, bathroom and kitchen tile joints on walls and floor, external façade of your house etc. All these areas and several others are prone to such issues on every day basis. By keeping a strict vigil and especially after snowy winters and heavy rains we need to check for all faults. This helps in correcting this wear and tear on time. click here to read full article….


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