I wish every day to be a Sunday. Every week has seven days which ends on Sunday. We feel happy and relaxed even thinking about Sunday. But that means not all days can be Sundays. We go through entire week to reach Sunday. Week gives us many highs and lows. Office deadlines, children’s health, parents visit, office rivalries etc. You feel down at the end of the day. Because of these moments we crave for food like coffee, ice creams, sweets & candies etc. These food items push us towards bad health. These food items makes us slow, more depressed and unhealthier. I have decided to write these articles which help us in finding some of the best food items in everyday life. These food items make us feel good and also fights the undue hunger cravings. Now, let’s find out more. I have written in two parts, this is part one where I am listing first ten. Rest would be out soon in another article. So please watch out for that too. On my advice, try few of them and tell me the difference.

Sweet Potatoes Paenuts In shell


Sweet Potatoes

Let’s start with the sweet things first. When it comes to sweet things in health, we start with sweet potatoes. Easily available in any grocery store. Not only is this one of the most easily available food item but also a better alternative for normal potatoes. It is loaded with fibre and keeps the blood sugar at healthy levels.

Mr. Peanut: Cute Little Nut

These cutest part of nuts family is packed with mineral selenium, which helps in elevating our mood. It also wards off anxiety. Have peanuts everyday if possible in small quantity to elevate your mood.

Eggs Yoghurt



Sunday or Monday, have eggs every day. Eggs are best source of lean protein and rich in zinc. Keeps you awake and full of energy. Maintains our metabolism too.


If you care for your bones, have yoghurt. It helps us with lot of calcium and also a source of protein. Deals with mood swings and helps us in overcoming anxiety.

Green Friend: Spinach

Don’t even ignore Spinach. Whenever you get a chance to eat spinach in any form whether cooked or raw, relish it. It is an efficiency enhancer, provides lot of fibre and helps in smooth functioning of the digestive system as well. It is rich in iron content and helps in fighting with fatigue.

Dark Chocolate Coconut


Delicious Delight Of Dark Chocolate

Many of my readers would be feeling a bit relaxed now after finding the mention of chocolate here. Actually chocolate produces endorphins in the brain, which makes us feel good. It works on stress control and slows down their production.

The Far Off Fruit: Coconut

Coconut has everything which makes it a great fruit. Many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures treat this as divine and use it for most of their religious functions and festivals. It is treated as the most pious of all fruits. It gives them fruit flesh as well as water in sweet form. The presence of potassium in coconut makes our brain healthy. You may use this water to even flavour your curries and sauces. You can use coconut for your drinks, food recipes in grated or raw form. So eat it any time and have a good day ahead. click here to read full article….


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