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Do you also suffer from “my–floor–should-look–clean-all-the-time” syndrome, like I do? Then, let’s understand three basic and most important tips to clean the floor and keep it sparkling.

You might have read such posts on cleaning the floor all across the world in books, magazines and internet but here we would be talking about how to keep it cleaned at all times. Here are my best tips on this subject.

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Vacuum Clean All the Dust

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home with multiple hoses to suck away the dirt and debris from difficult corners then you are blessed. Do away with loose dirt and other dust by vacuum cleaner from every part of the room including upholstery and even behind the cabinets and curtains. This would minimize the dust impact on floors and there would be less chances of dust accumulation on floors. If you have rugs, or carpets then opt for brush and deep clean the rugs and carpets. These are the biggest dust deposit spots in the house.

Stone Floor in KitchenUse Mild Soap With Water To Clean The Floor

Use the mildest soaping solution with water and wipe clean all the floor with mop. Do not use harsh soaps as they themselves are difficult to remove during cleaning. Also, if you have small babies at home, it can be toxic. The use of mild soap would wipe away all the difficult dust which had been sticking on the floor. Take good care of some stains and spots as well. Don’t overdo that especially with wooden floors otherwise you might face various other issues on flooring, as many a time water also leaves marks on the floor. Wooden floors should never be treated with any kind of chemicals or detergents. They are best cleaned with slightly moist, clean, soft cloth. click here to read full article….


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