title - Earth Hives

This is part two of the series of “12 Installations Challenging Creativity–Dubai Design Week 2015” for ongoing Dubai design week at Dubai, UAE.

In this part we are covering another six of the installations.

Luz Deconstructing Zone



Designers Bahar & Sawsan Al Bahar
Location Al Fahidi District, House 16

The muqarnas is a form of architectural decoration composed of niche-like, honeycomb shapes, arranged in tiers that cover the undersides of vaults and arches. LUZ, in effect, is a solidified interpretation of the Alhambra muqarnas, transforming an arrangement of spaces into solid shapes through a process of deconstruction. The installation inverts the geometry, materiality and light source of the murqanas to create a collection of pieces in which each represents the physical manifestation of a surface. The regular half-tone pattern of these objects is reconfigured at it transforms into projected light, becoming fluid, organic and ethereal.

Nervous Structure YAROOF


The designer Bahar Al Bahar is a Syrian architect and designer living in the UAE, whose work operates at the threshold between the digital and the material. He believes that through understanding the potential and limitations of both, their integration can generate rich and rewarding results. Sawsan Al Bahar is a Syrian architect and artist, trained in architecture and visual media. She approaches art and printmaking as a cross-disciplinary practice, combining contemporary architectural production processes with traditional art techniques.


Designer Henrique Stabile presented by Coletivo Amor de Madre
Location Al Fahidi District, Courtyard facing House 16

Deconstructing Zone is an area featuring a series of furniture pieces that can be manipulated to create different final products. click here to read full article….


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