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CELEBRATING THE CREATIVE, CHALLENGING THE CONVENTIONAL is the vision behind the 12 Installations established as part of Dubai Design Week 2015. The Design week starts from today, soaking the city in design inspirations. This is part one where we would be covering first six installations.

Untitled -ArchwayDubai Design Week unveils its full installations today as part of a diverse series of high-impact sculptural, architectural and experiential works designed to challenge conventions, inspire through innovation and help establish Dubai as the Middle Eastern hub of the world design community. The Installations are a core strand of Dubai Design Week’s mission, underlining Dubai’s status as a city where wonder, beauty and creative expression can be found everywhere.

LOT at Dubai Design Week LOT Picture at Dubai Design Week


The 12 site-specific works have been created by a handpicked selection of prominent international and Dubai-based designers, artists and architects and are positioned at strategic locations around the city for the duration of the event.

Fragments of 'Now'The design week looked for proposals that presented bold ideas, questioned conventions and responded to the issues faced by global society today. The basis of choosing work was context; each of these pieces has been selected for its sense of belonging to the city of Dubai – they all celebrate the creative dynamism and diversity of Dubai in unique ways.

SoundweavingDetritus Wall


Many of the installations are receiving their world premiere at Dubai Design Week. After the event, many will remain in situ, acting as urban landmarks for the Dubai of the future; others will be rotated around the city to introduce them to different audiences and alternative contexts. click here to read full article…


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