Studio Ineke van der Werff, The Netherlands is a design studio who is all about experimenting. With a main focus on ceramics, Ineke is always constantly looking for new and exciting ways to combine and recycle materials. While pushing the boundaries of old techniques, the designs remain clean, sleek and iconic.

ENKEL GLAS #02 blauw ENKEL GLAS #03 blauwgroen


ENKEL GLAS #04 grijs ENKEL GLAS #04 origineel


Studio Ineke van der Werff in continuation with this endeavour to create something unique and iconic out of waste has participated in Dutch Design Week 2015 with their exhibition being held at Design Perron, Fuutlaan. ‘SINGLE GLASS’ is a study which forms the basis of this exhibition.

Glass that is brought to the bottle bank, is sorted, cleaned and processed into new raw materials. The sorting and cleaning process of the glass fragments also produces glass grit. This grit is highly contaminated with ceramic, metal and organic particles, which makes it unsuitable for recycling into high-quality glass.

ENKEL GLAS #5 zwart ENKEL GLAS #06 blauw


ENKEL GLAS #07 groen ENKEL GLAS #08 zwart


SINGLE GLASS is an investigation into a new, high-quality application for this waste glass.

A series of porcelain objects demonstrates the many possibilities of using waste glass in glazes. The designs show recognisable elements of glass packaging to reveal the origin of the glass.

ENKEL GLAS #09 grijs ENKEL GLAS #10 blauwgroen


ENKEL GLAS_02The innovative and lateral thinking of Dutch Design Week 2015 has been truly recognised and implemented in the designs showcased by Studio Ineke. The Interior Directory recommends a visit to this exhibition of ‘Single Glass/ Enkel Glas’ to its avid design enthusiast readers.


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